Finding the root cause of addiction can lead to a patient needing not only conventional substance abuse treatment but mental health treatment as well. If a patient is suffering from mental health problems and those problems aren’t addressed and treated, then conventional help may be pointless. Mental health problems can be serious, but they are treatable. Medications and one on one therapies can help with mental health problems. Holistic healing methods may also be helpful when treating mental health problems. Holistic healing can consist of yoga, hiking, meditation, massage, and other treatments that focus on whole body health like mental health, behavioral health, and addiction treatment.

Your first step towards your alcohol and drug rehab should be detox. Detox will rid your body of harmful toxins that you have placed in it. Detox can last up to 7 days but varies from patient to patient. During detox your body will go through cravings and withdrawals that can at times be very severe and for this reason should be monitored by a professional. Withdrawals experienced during detox can be treated with medication to help lessen the severity. Detox is important to go through to improve the chances of success in your treatments. You will be less likely to relapse if you go through detox.

IOP or Intensive Outpatient Program is one of the many different forms of treatment. This treatment allows you to take advantage of intensive therapy during the day and at night you have the freedom to sleep in your own bed. Anyone who is considering an IOP program should make sure that they have a strong support system in place at home. It is easy to make bad decisions or relapse when you have more freedom. IOP programs can be very beneficial for patients who want to maintain some sort of normalcy in their lives while being treated for mental health or behavioral health problems.

Here at Zoe’s, we know that substance abuse problems aren’t only faced by adults. Many young people struggle with addiction as well. Our adolescent substance abuse treatment programs can help young people overcome their addictions and substance abuse problems. Teens deal with a lot of stress whether we see it or not. From social issues to grades to sports and let’s not forget hormones they can sometimes crumble under this stress and pressure and turn to alcohol or drugs to help them cope with life. It is important to keep a close eye on our young people and encourage them to seek help if they are struggling with substance abuse problems. Adolescent substance abuse treatment programs are available for our young people so we should push them to seek help from one of those programs if they are struggling. Asking for help can be hard to do so don’t make it harder on them by trying to pretend their problems are less than or don’t exist.

If you or someone you know needs help with substance abuse problems please contact one of our specialists today.


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