Vyon Porous Plastic have designed Unique Pipette Tip Filters for Porvair Sciences. Vyon developed these pipette tip filters as they felt it was necessary to prevent sample carryover and aerosol bypass. Since Vyon has years of experience in porous plastic manufacturing this gives options to their customers, as they can produce a range of pipette tip filters, according to Vyon, with ‘precise specification, optimal airflow and laboratory-grade materials that ensure a clean and contaminant-free liquid handling system’.

Porvair Sciences were the original manufacturers of porous plastic materials. They have been in the manufacturing business for decades, as some of their patents date back to the 1950s, porous plastics continue to propel forward in the laboratory, in particular with their pipette tip filter.

The filter tip pipette designed by Vyon Porous Plastic is an upgraded version of the pipette liquid sample handling filters, and Vyon believe that their pipette tip filters are the best yet. This is no surprise as they have been working with Porvair Sciences for 50 years, whose main aim is to ensure each product designed and delivered is of an exceptionally high standard and will be high performing. Vyon Porous Plastic continues to strive for expert solutions for its customers.

There is a variety of features associated with the pipette filters, from its excellent liquid handling properties and robust filters, to its cut-to-seal, and pure and clean materials.

For its Liquid Handling Properties, Vyon explains how the optimised airflow, which is now much higher, gives new and improved pipetting precision and accuracy. Not only that, but it can also secure and draw volume every time you utilize it. Therefore, making it ideal for manual and automated pipette systems.

Then you have its robust filters for high volume assembly, which is one of the most essential features of the pipette filters, as the main benefit of the Vyon® pipette tip filters is that they can deal with a force of up to 70% more compression than previous porous plastic materials. This means that you can now use them for hardwearing automated assembly.

The pipette filters are also designed and manufactured to tight tolerances (Vyon states around +/- 0.1mm), so this holds down a sealed fit each time the filters are used. This prevents fine aerosol passing through the filter into the liquid handling system.

Also, Vyon® porous plastics are made from clean materials, so they are free from; substantial metal interference, FDA Approved and USP Class VI Approved, and they even manufacture with no release agent

An advantage to choosing Vyon for your materials, in particular the pipette filters, is that Vyon® porous plastic filters can be produced in a variety of sizes so that they can meet your exact requirements.

Vyon offers a range of pipette tip filters materials, and they want to help you reduce the amount of development time and tooling costs with one of their Vyon® materials.

Vyon Porous Plastic has the unique pipette filters which are available to order now, and it is no surprise that they are carefully and specifically designed filters are used regularly. If you are interested in Vyon Porous Plastic pipette filters, then contact Porvair Sciences today on +44 (0)1978 661144, the team will be happy to help you with any queries, you can also get in touch with the team via email at [email protected] or [email protected].

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/vyon-porous-plastic-design-unique-pipette-tip-filters-for-porvair-sciences/

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