Haddon Township, N.J. – VSA Inc. has embarked on a concerted review of the firm’s branding, strategic focus, and sales strategy in the first quarter of 2019.

Since late 2018, South Jersey based VSA has partnered with Empirical Solutions, a consulting firm based in Narberth, PA, to craft long-term strategies that would allow the company to continue its recent trend of rapid growth. Specifically, VSA wanted to better define its market and gain clearer insights into the type of results that market needs. VSA helps clients with B2B cold calling, appointment setting, and lead generation.

The impetus for the project was VSA’s need for an enhanced CRM system that could organize, track and manage the company’s ever-expanding sales operations.

“We were growing so fast that the traditional CRM system we were using just couldn’t keep up,” explained Maureen Tucker, VSA’s Vice President of Business Development. “We needed something that could allow us to track client progress and develop the right metrics so we would know when we were falling behind.”

VSA turned to Empirical to help come up with a solution. Ms. Tucker had first become familiar with the company 3 years ago, when she attended several of the firm’s informational sessions about how to make the sales process more effective. Since then, VSA and Empirical have maintained a close relationship that has also included mutual referrals.

“I wanted Maureen to feel totally comfortable with a marketing and sales partner who she could collaborate with,” said Valerie Schlitt, VSA’s Founder and CEO. “I wanted her to have the say in who we selected. I have chosen many partners for VSA over the years, but Maureen’s ability to deliver against our aggressive sales goals will be largely dependent on her ability to partner closely with Empirical.”

In the process of visioning a new sales strategy, VSA’s leadership team realized that there was more work to be done. Not only was there a need to better define VSA’s goals, core capabilities, and market, but the look and feel of many of the firm’s marketing materials were also outdated.

As it turned out, Empirical was a partner capable of addressing these other needs, as well. Together, the companies underwent a thorough re-visioning process, which is now coming to fruition in early 2019.

“Empirical was the perfect partner,” says Ms. Tucker. “It was really important to me to work with a firm that I trusted—and with whom I’ve developed a personal chemistry over the years. I’m so excited to introduce a new-look VSA to the world!”


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