Irish digital marketing agency VIMAR work tirelessly to help grow their clients’ brands by combining technology with creative content. VIMAR Digital Marketing take pride in their work and strive to work effectively with each client to meet their unique business needs. They have helped countless clients cut through the content clutter of the digital world to ensure that their brand, services and values shine above the rest. They want clients to recognise that such visibility is vital in today’s crowded online market.

Due to its success as a digital marketing agency, VIMAR is constantly expanding its team of marketing specialists and services. The company’s main focus is on growth and excellence for both itself and its clients, and it aspires to bring business owners’ visions to life while delivering measurable results.


VIMAR is proud of their range of full-circle digital marketing services, taking care of every aspect of your online marketing needs. They offer a fantastic Web Design and Development service, guiding you through every stage of creating your dream website that’s true to your brand, easy to navigate, well formatted, mobile optimised, secure and reliable.

VIMAR’s SEO services is the perfect fit for businesses who need a little extra help optimising their websites for search engines. They provide expert SEO advice to help their clients improve website rankings with search engines and increase their organic reach through good SEO practices.

VIMAR also offers a Social Media Management service which helps businesses boost their engagement across social media platforms and effectively manage their social media presence. They come up with strategies for their clients to help them build meaningful, lasting connections with potential customers on social media. VIMAR uses their considerable expertise in digital marketing to ensure that any social media campaign their clients launch successfully meets its objectives. This quality social media management service ensures that the client’s vision and brand identity are protected while freeing up valuable time for them to focus on other aspects of running a business.


The global pandemic this year has dramatically affected most businesses in Ireland and across the globe, and the negative impacts of Coronavirus are still being felt throughout the business world. VIMAR digital marketing agency has been working hard to support their clients in this difficult time, and are constantly updating their advice and services so their clients are able to thrive despite the uncertainty. The digital marketing agency has written blog posts to support business owners and help them overcome any obstacles that arise in the current business climate.


One only has to glance at VIMAR Digital Marketing’s previous projects to see how well they cultivate successful business partnerships with brands across a wide variety of sectors. Past clients include Rural Wifi, Data Centre Safety, Terra NutriTech and FleetConnect.

VIMAR proudly tailor their online marketing advice to accommodate a wide range of business needs, ensuring a professional and bespoke service at all times. This ensures every client of theirs receives advice that stays true to their individual brand and recognises that every business is unique.


For professional advice and guidance from marketing specialists on how to boost your brand visibility online, visit VIMAR Digital Marketing’s website design today and browse their range of bespoke services from social media management, online advertising, SEO guidance, content production and web design and development.

To find out more about VIMAR’s comprehensive range of digital marketing services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with them via email at [email protected] or phone them on +35357 850 9060.


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