Zug, Switzerland – Built specifically for ecommerce, Verfacto supports all major platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, and OpenCart online stores by giving you access to a real-time customer profiler that is designed to improve your data-driven marketing strategy, increase sales, and get more customer insights.

Instead of relying on graphs and reports, find out what turns your visitors into customers by connecting anonymous traffic with individual users across all devices, viewing their behavior insights via interest profile, and see exactly where your users come from with targeted customer journey analytics.

Or if you’re looking for a way to track all you marketing activities with supercharged on-site tools while receiving daily activity reports, and ecommerce analytics then choose a customized solution at Verfacto that is guaranteed to increase your revenue and performance.

Know Your Audience

Whether you want to decrease your marketing budget, increase your company growth, or boost your annual revenue, then at verfacto.com you will find a selection of plans that are based on a scale of your business and are tailored to achieve your business goals at affordable prices.

Their services are designed to level-up your ecommerce marketing by utilizing the capabilities of AI and machine learning, and offer a range of effective, proven features that help you optimize your customer experience, and as a result, increase traffic and sales.

Some of their features include:

Real-Time Customer Profiler

Identify customers before they log in by merging all activity from different devices into single-user profiles.

This allows you to retrieve profiles in real time and create personalized triggers that increase the chance of your customer making a purchase.

Meta Ads

Continue tracking your customers even after iOS 14 as Verfacto will take the responsibility to send all the relevant data to increase machine learning, including cross channel tracking, and improved targeting using their real-time customer profiler.

Marketing Activity

Track all your marketing activities with a helpful overview, where you can monitor the dynamics with daily reports.

Additionally, Verfacto will ensure that you never miss a thing by notifying you immediately when anything requires your attention.

Customer Behavior

Reveal distinctive patterns in your customers’ behavior and anticipate their actions with effective on-site marketing tools that are designed to:

  • Improve conversions
  • Personalize the customer experience
  • Increase targeting accuracy

You will also have the essential information needed to predict your customers actions, so that you can keep them on your website by offering them products they’ll be interested in and nurture them if they spend a lot by personalising promotions and offering discounts when needed.

Ecommerce Analytics

Use a live dashboard to monitor health and stats of sales and marketing campaigns, where the data is constantly being re-processed to provide you with accurate information at any moment.

Not enough? Verfacto will also send you daily, weekly, or monthly reports with insights that are sure to make a difference.

Supercharged On-Site Tools

Add power to on-site marketing tools you are already using with Verfacto’s AI algorithms.

These can assist you in selecting smarter pop-ups and push notifications that are based on findings from your marketing performance.


Automatically personalize promotions to give every customer the minimum enough incentive to purchase, while saving your profits, reducing purchase time, and decreasing cart abandonment.

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To find out more about Verfacto and to read more about how to improve your data-driven marketing strategy, increase sales, and get more customer insights with their ecommerce marketing solutions, please visit their website at https://www.verfacto.com/.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/verfacto-introduce-real-time-customer-profiler-tool-to-improve-your-data-driven-marketing-strategy-increase-sales-and-get-more-customer-insights-for-online-stores/

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