Author and Fit for Joy fitness trainer Valeria Teles’ new book, “Fit for Joy: The Healing Power of Being You,” is now available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Fit for Joy will inspire readers to create a mind and body connection that is based on self-love and self-confidence. The book will show readers how joy, peace and freedom come from courage and how they can find that courage by being true to themselves.

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle can add years and improve one’s quality of life. It also aids with early detection and proper treatment of different health conditions. Being mindful of one’s diet, stress levels and physical activity allows people to effectively balance all aspects of their life. Valeria’s new book, Fit for Joy, covers a wide range of life experiences and events that helped her find harmony and peace through her own path to joy and love. It includes stories about how her heart guided her to a happier life with higher purpose.

Valeria has always wanted a life that would bring her happiness. She didn’t find it in her relationships and successful career. Fitness became her escape, but it kept her further from the truth. It came to a point where she could no longer live without happiness. She took a break from the fitness world for a while. During this meditative period, she discovered that joy and exercise should always be together and that forgiveness is important for personal healing. Valeria is devoted to sharing her vision that combines conventional fitness and spiritual and emotional well-being. Through her book, Valeria aims to provide people with practical ideas for spirituality and health that will inspire them to become fit and happy. Readers will learn how to exercise with enjoyment, how to mediate, how to follow the right diet for self-love and more. They will also read real life stories and healing.

According to Valeria, it is not about how a person looks but about how they feel and what they can give back. She shared that connection between an unhealthy body and unhappy life inspired her to leave her successful career as a fitness competitor and personal trainer to explore the matters of the heart. Fit for Joy shows how important combining spiritual and physical health is.

She also presents the Fit for Joy Wellness Center, a project that fulfils the “core” of her philosophy. The promise is to establish a location dedicated to physical, emotional and spiritual health. The goal is to serve those looking for spiritual teachings and practices, fitness, mindfulness, healthy eating, ideas and creative works that can help them to achieve inner peace and joy in life.

Readers can also visit the book’s official page at The page contains passages from the book and reviews from those who have already read the book. Readers can also watch an introduction video about the book.

About Valeria Teles

Valeria Teles grew up in Brazil where she started her professional career in music and dance. She is an author, winning fitness competitor and certified personal one-on-one fitness trainer in New York. Valeria created the Fit for Joy philosophy to inspire and instruct individuals in her method of maintaining a healthy and happy life. She has been in the fitness industry for 20 years and is currently dedicated to writing and hosting the Fit for Joy events. Valeria aims to help people discover more ways to bring happiness to their life.

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About Fit for Joy

Finding Joy The Fit for Joy book will inspire you and someone you love to listen to the heart. “This book reminds us we are more than our bodies, we are souls having experiences in our body, in search of our true…

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