GetSuperBook has announced that it recently acquired Monarch Computer Systems (as of September 2021). To ensure Monarch Computer Systems readers can continue to get value from their previous articles, they have carefully archived them all ready to be read when needed.

The teams behind both sites are excited by the acquisition news and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Who was Monarch Computer Systems?

Based in Tucker, Georgia, Monarch Computer Systems was a direct supplier of laptops, computers, and accessories such as keyboards, mice, laptop cooling systems, and much more.

Since being founded in 1991, Monarch Computer Systems offered high-quality services to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and educational institutions – all at affordable prices. The team there managed this by forming strategic partnerships with some of the biggest names in the tech industry, such as Asus, ATI, Creative Labs, GigaByte, Logitech, Nvidia, Matrox, MSI, Tyan, Viewsonic, and Western Digital – just to name a few!

Monarch Computer Systems were renowned for their durability and performance. Each system was rigorously checked before delivery, undergoing a variety of tests to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

High testing standards is one of the things Monarch Computer Systems and GetSuperBook have in common. GetSuperBook aims to fully test every aspect of different gadgets before reviewing them, meaning you can make more informed buying decisions no matter what purpose you need a laptop to serve (e.g., gaming, work, etc.).

A new era

Monarch Computer Systems joining with GetSuperBook marks the start of an exciting new era of tech excellence.

GameSuperBook aims to build trust with site visitors to become the ultimate guide to choosing the right tech for you. Although GetSuperBook do rely on small commissions made from purchases through their site, the team have vowed to never sell out on their values of honesty and transparency. That’s why they offer a completely unbiased reviews based on the design, performance, durability, battery life, and so on – ultimately, they want to help you choose a product that’s the very best fit for your needs.

As well as authentic reviews, GetSuperBook promises:

  • Zero brand-sponsored articles
  • If a laptop isn’t worth the money or time, GetSuperBook will let you know about it as they aren’t scared to give low review ratings to products that deserve them
  • And lastly, GetSuperBook is always on the lookout to improve the site and therefore welcomes visitor feedback on all their reviews and articles – just email the team with your thoughts!

To find out more and get unbiased advice on laptops and gadgets, head to the GetSuperBook website today!


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