Tampa, FL – Turning Point of Tampa will celebrate 35 years of serving clients suffering from addiction, substance abuse and eating disorders. Turning Point of Tampa is set apart from other treatment centers by working as educators in the field, providing resources and educational opportunities for our community partners.

“I am both proud and honored to say that I have celebrated 25 of those years here first as the Clinical Director and then as CEO. Over the last three and a half decades we have helped over 15,000 clients change their lives through a combination of intensive therapy and compassionate care.” stated, Robin Piper, CEO.

Since 1987, Turning Point of Tampa has been a family-owned facility focused on 12-Step oriented, quality care for men and women 18 years or older. Located on one campus, their programs feature highly credentialed staff providing real structure, teaching clients how to practice 12-Step principles, in a licensed, residential setting where group counseling is the keystone.

Robin also added, “Our team members share a singular focus – dedication to our clients. We have never wavered from this belief and never compromised what we believe in for the sake of the next “best quick cure” in the industry.”

Turning Point of Tampa could not have accomplished what they have, especially during the difficult time of the pandemic, without an incredible alumni and the recovery community in Tampa, Florida. Turning Point of Tampa acknowledges all healthcare workers committed to those suffering from addiction and on their journey to recovery. 

Turning Point of Tampa is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) and has grown over the last 35 years into one of most highly respected addiction treatment centers in the country. Turning Point of Tampa is committed to continue helping people to overcome their addictions and transform their lives.

For more information on Turning Point of Tampa or to hear more about our programs for addiction, substance abuse or an eating disorder, please contact us.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/turning-point-of-tampa-is-celebrating-35-years-of-providing-the-tampa-community-with-the-highest-quality-addiction-treatment/

About Turning Point of Tampa

Since 1987, Turning Point of Tampa has been a family-owned facility focused on 12-Step oriented, quality client care on one campus.

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