Used by physical therapists and world orthopedic group approved, Physio Flex Pro is a research based joint support complex that utilizes natural ingredients to nourish and lubricate your joints to relive pain and protect cartilage.

Since December 2020, Physio Flex Pro’s pharmaceutical strength and completely natural Joint Supplement has helped countless athletes – including Olympic gold medallists, moms, dads, and casual fitness enthusiasts, to regain mobility, flexibility, confidence, and strength.

Designed to offer protection and upgrade performance at every age and fitness level, Physio Flex Pro was created using the latest available research, premium, high-grade GMO-free active ingredients and is approved by experienced medical professionals, such as, renowned working physiotherapist Dr Kavita to ensure its unrivalled quality.

Olympic Level Nutrition

If you are looking to loosen your stiff joints, eliminate nagging aches and pains, while also restoring movement and comfort, then join Olympic athletes Damian and Nichole from Team USA and countless others, by choosing Physio Flex Pro’s Best Joint supplement.


As an elite Taekwondo athlete for Team USA who trains more than 4 hours a day, Damian needed a supplement to help provide him with nutrients and support his joints to allow him to perform with maximum effort and zero pain.

He states that Physio Flex Pro helped him ‘bounce, jump, shift and kick without my knees feeling pain or discomfort’ and that it gives him the ability to ‘earn better results for myself and for Team USA!’


A Paralympic sitting volleyball gold medallist in both the 2016 Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo Paralympics, Nichole, although now retired, understands the importance of correct nutrition and how Physio Flex Pro can help her give her body everything it needs to protect, repair, and rebuild joint tissue.

Her time as a professional Sitting Volleyball athlete led to demands on her joints and even in her retirement she is committed to ‘training and maintaining Olympic level nutrition and supporting joints with clean natural compounds like those found in Physio Flex Pro.’

Move Like You Used To

Every bottle of Physio Flex Pro is made in the USA in an FDA registered and cGMP verified facility with high quality ingredients that contain no additives, soy, bulk and fillers, or anything else that could be harmful to you.

The individual capsules each contain a medically precise dosage of 7 naturally occurring compounds that are expertly extracted to ensure maximum strength and fast, effective effects that help repair and rejuvenate all the crucial areas of your joints.

The 8 100% natural ingredients used by Physio Flex Pro are supported by evidence of real-world use and the advanced formula has been created so that each unique ingredient will benefit your joints in a different way.

  • Curcuma longa (turmeric), ginger extract and bromelain reduce inflammation and swelling in your joints which aids in pain reduction.
  • Selenium also helps reduce inflammation while also offering protection against oxidative damage.
  • Methylsulfonylmethane, Chondroitin and 2-Amino-2-deoxy- glucose Glucosamine are the building blocks of your joint tissues and keeps your joints lubricated with protective synovial fluid, while strengthening your cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and bones.
  • Piperine boosts bioavailability, to give Physio Flex Pro an overall effect of fighting pain, loosening your joints, and adding protection as you get older.

Physio Flex Pro is always happy to help you resolve your mobility issues and aid you on your path to recovery, this is why with each and every order you will also get a free guide on stretching for recovery, exercise and pain relief.

Not only this, but they have so much confidence in the quality and effectiveness of their product that they even offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

So, like countless others, start to enjoy every motion pain free again and surpass your personal best with Physio Flex Pro Total Joint Support.

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