Wilmington, NC – tukr is delighted to announce that it has launched into the NYC food service industry by providing an efficient and budget friendly jobs posting platform. tukr is a food service jobs board that connects industry talent with restaurants, cafes, and hospitality through job postings. tukr is committed to helping others through meaningful work, and the website is designed to make it easier for visitors to easily identify the best food service jobs that are near their location. Users can also make applications and use the messaging system to facilitate employment. tukr is an innovative online job posting portal that has made it its mission to make it easier for food industry employers to acquire top talent. The industry has been lacking an affordable option for recruitment, and tukr aims to adjust that issue by making the platform affordable and easy to use. The portal is very user-friendly and makes it more efficient and simple for employers to find talent and for talent to find the next best food service job.

tukr has incorporated a disruptive approach that focuses on small to medium size businesses that don’t have big budgets for more traditional platforms for recruiting. Traditional platforms have made it very difficult for smaller businesses to recruit the best talent due to the higher expenses food industry employers have to incur for each job posting. In the New York City market, tukr gives all restaurant owners a free listing for their first job posting, which makes it so much more inclusive for even newer restaurants that have smaller budgets and don’t have the capacity to pay high fees when they’re just starting out. Small and medium-sized businesses can choose to use a monthly subscription of only $14.95 to post 3 job openings each month or $9.99 for a single job listing and manage all of the recruitment in one platform. This is an incredibly great deal because the traditional platforms in the market tend to allow only one job posting for over $40 each. Now it’s possible for people to have a subscription that is less than the cost of lunch and publish up to 3 job postings per month, which can get them more visibility and help them attract more candidates in a more cost-effective way. tukr has an efficient platform with a broad reach that can help food industry employers get qualified candidates at much more affordable prices than other job boards on the market.

There is a high turnover rate in the food industry, which adds another layer of complexity to the hiring process and can make it more expensive for food industry employers to continuously recruit new employees. This is an industry-wide problem because many restaurant workers view their positions as temporary as they work towards bigger goals and pursue opportunities with higher earning potential. This is why it is not very common for restaurant employees to stick around longer than a year. These high turnover rates are common industry wide, and it can be very challenging to continuously replace skilled staff. It can also be incredibly expensive which is why tukr is now offering monthly subscriptions with great prices so that food industry employers can easily find new talent whenever they need it.

Tukr® is an ideal platform for Operators and Restaurants who are recruiting candidates, and Talent who are trying to find jobs in the food industry. There are hundreds of jobs in categories for Hospitality, Food Service, Delivery, Culinary, Barista and Bartending. Whether you are trying to become a Barista or you’re looking for Baristas, this platform will be helpful for you.

tukr, pronounced “tucker,” meaning Australian for food. For more information please visit their website here.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/tukr-makes-waves-in-the-nyc-food-service-industry-with-an-affordable-jobs-posting-platform/

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