The toy market is one of the largest business sectors in Europe, largely due to the vast availability of innovative products. Parents are looking for something new, something beyond the average doll or truck, which is why we are currently seeing toy trends turn towards the educational. STEAM toys are items designed to help youngsters learn science, technology, engineering, and math, and help to foster developmental, logic, and reasoning skills. Other toys are designed to improve reading, engage the imagination, and help kids to make discoveries and enjoy the learning process.

With the European toy market set to grow by 4.4% CAGR per year through 2023, retailers of children’s toys are scrambling to begin meeting the needs of new customers. The rise of educational toys has created a renewed interest from parents who, with the widespread availability of smart devices were beginning to look for entertainment away from traditional toy markets.

Companies like ToysCentral, a major online retailer managed by parent company Handelnine Global, have responded to this newfound demand in kind. Already well-known for its impressive stock, ToysCentral has included a series of educational learning toys with exciting options like live caterpillar kits, math puzzles, and microscope kits.

ToysCentral is the kind of company that understands what it takes to capture a market. Parents and kids alike are no longer satisfied with average, predictable toys, especially when so much information and entertainment is already at their fingertips. To continue to thrive, toy companies and retailers are going to have to follow the trends, which is exactly what ToysCentral has done by adding tons of new items and constantly rotating their stock to keep up with customer demand.

ToysCentral boasts an impressive inventory of over 150,000 items including toys for children of all ages and in virtually every category. ToysCentral ships continent-wide to European customers, and proudly offers some of the best and most well-regarded toy brands like Lego, Barbie, Fisher-Price, and Hasbro. Customers enjoy an easy online shopping experience, affordable prices, and fast shipping so their little ones can start playing and learning right away.

Learn more about ToysCentral and their inventory of educational toys by visiting the website today.


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