Total Home Protection offers Home Warranty Protection and has developed a new technology for the Home Warranty Industry. Total Home Protection is a home warranty company that provides high-quality home warranty products and services to homeowners. The new technology being created is a new communication platform, and in turn, they are beginning to develop a new CRM system to organize their business more efficiently.

The home protection team provide a professional and efficient service, arriving at your door within 48 hours. Unlike other companies who come a week later, Total Home Protection makes the contact process very simple. You get in touch via phone or online and request their service, local pre-screened professionals will arrive at your home, there will be a small trade service fee, and then the team will repair or replace the covered item.

It is no surprise that Total Home Protection reviews are all positive, with great feedback about the company. On their site, you can read the reviews from their clients. Total Home Protection has helped thousands of clients over the years. One recent testimonial by Christian of Barnegat, NJ, talks about how professional their service is, providing the client with all the information they need and how they were able to look for the best promotions to get their home covered at a reasonable rate.

Another testimonial about Total Home Protection mentions how quick and efficient the company is that they arrived at the home of June of Austell, GA, within 48 hours after she contacted them. She had an issue with her garbage disposal, and another company – American Home Shield took over a week to arrive. That’s why she contacted Total Home Protection.

Now, the technology platform that Total Home Protection has been developing for over a year will be 100% in-house, and the main reason they created it is to provide solutions for consumers, service contractors, and their employees.

The Total Home Protection Developers are also working on a CRM that will house all aspects of the business model, including Human Resources, Corporate Risk, Finance, Technology, Audit, Legal, Marketing, and Data.

Owner and CEO of Total Home Protection – David Seruya emphasizes how beneficial this technology is as they will be able to streamline the process for all aspects of their business. He states, “We are dedicated to providing World Class Customer Service through our technology and providing fast and effective solutions to our customers. This technology allows us to do that”.

Mr. Seruya further mentions the other benefits for the consumers, which is, they will be able to put in service claims online or over the phone using only their Policy Number. This works by matching each customer claim with the highest rated technician in the area using the internal AI, and it opens up a communication entry point for real-time updates, so there will be complete tracking and visibility.

Total Home Protection is the best in the business, they protect your family and budget with a 24/7 claims hotline, comprehensive and affordable coverage, and pre-screened and local technicians to get the job done. If you would like $50 off all home warranty plans, then contact Total Home Protection today. This is a limited time offer, so you must get in touch today. They will also offer you one month free if you purchase any of their single payment plans, the gold or platinum home warranty. You can find these great offers online at

For more information about Total Home Protection and their new technology platform, or if you need the assistance of their team, contact them via phone on 1-800-545-0402 or send an email to [email protected].


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