Customer Education and Wellness is our highest priority

Torrey Holistics; a Dispensary in San Diego holds the highest standards when it comes to selecting the cannabis products sold in our store and through delivery. It is extremely important to purchase your cannabis products through a legal, licensed dispensary, as all products are regulated for safety under the careful oversight of the Bureau of Cannabis Control in the State of California.

When it comes to the variety of products carried at Torrey Holistics, we take careful measures to ensure that every product is compliant with these standards. Consumers can rest assured that each item has been thoroughly tested, meeting or exceeding the stringent safety requirements set in place by the BCC. Only the safest, highest-quality products are passed along to our consumers. Products that we stand by, via our mission to educate, celebrate, and share the multitude of therapeutic properties of cannabis and cannabis products.

We at Torrey Holistics are always striving to go above and beyond in maintaining our commitment to provide the safest and highest-quality cannabis products for our consumers. In addition to being fully compliant, we frequently delve deeper into pressing topics by consulting our in-house cannabis science specialist, whose many qualifications include a PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry. As the industry grows, so does our understanding of cannabis, and we make every effort to stay informed and disseminate this information to our valued consumers. Our mission to educate is evident in every interaction we have, be it with one of our knowledgeable cannabis consultants or through one of our community workshops.

About Torrey Holistics

Licensed and permitted by the city of San Diego in 2015, Torrey Holistics, San Diego Dispensary, was founded with the goal of becoming the city’s finest cannabis retail store. Torrey Holistics was honored to be the first dispensary in California to be awarded a license for Adult Use cannabis sales in 2017. Now serving all adults 21 and over, Torrey Holistics is proud to offer a friendly, knowledgeable staff, premium cannabis strains, and hundreds of high quality, lab tested products. Torrey Holistics is committed to educating the community about the benefits of cannabis through one-on-one patient consultations as well as community events and partnerships.We provide Weed Delivery Services in San Diego County.


About Torrey Holistics

Torrey Holistics opened in 2015 as a Medical Marijuana Dispensary; serving the patient community throughout San Diego County. In December of 2017, Torrey Holistics was proud to receive the very first recreational license in the state of California.

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