Trust Torrey Holistics Dispensary San Diego for your cannabis and weed delivery. We provide excellent service to the San Diego area. Our company is top rated as the best weed delivery service around. Customers seeking a reliable and prompt delivery service can rely on us at Torrey Holistic Dispensary. If you are searching for the quickest, most dependable place to have your weed delivered from without sacrificing quality, Torrey Holistics Dispensary is the right place.

People living in San Diego want to make sure they are not stuck waiting around for cannabis delivery. At Torrey Holistics Weed Delivery & Dispensary near San Diego, we aim to please and offer fast, dependable delivery. Visit Torrey Holistics Dispensary for all your marijuana needs. We offer a huge selection of flower, including some of your all-time favorites. We even offer some new strains you have probably never heard of. With such a wide selection of organic flower we are sure to have exactly what you need!

Edibles are gaining increasing popularity and becoming some weed lovers’ preferred method of ingesting cannabis, since side effects are few. When consuming edibles, there is no increase in coughing and no smoke smell and the pleasant effects last much longer than with smoking. One note of caution: You might not feel anything up to 30 minutes after ingesting an edible. Be patient, it may take up to a half hour or more for our top line edibles to start working. It is best to wait a while to give the edibles time to work before eating more.

Vape pens are another method of marijuana use that is rising in popularity. It’s important to be cautious when first trying this method. Vape concentrates can be extremely concentrated, so be careful not to overdo them. They yield much more pronounced results than less concentrated methods. A much smaller amount is required to get the same results of other methods.  We have a wide selection of vape pens and vape cartridges to choose from!

Tinctures are yet another method of ingesting cannabinoids. We offer a full spectrum of CBD and THC tinctures in a variety of strains. We’d recommend you try all the different methods of ingesting cannabinoids and see which is your preferred one.

Weed delivery is the latest and the greatest thing to happen to cannabis users. The days of calling three or four friends and running all over town to get weed with little to no variety to choose from are gone. Thanks to Torrey Holistics Dispensary, you can remain in the comfort and security of your own home as you let the weed delivery company come to you. Our online ordering system is easier than ordering a pizza with our step-by-step guide that takes you through the process from start to finish. Our handy and informative video is on the screen so that you can become familiar with our easy process before you even open the menu and begin to browse.

Thanks to Torrey Holistics Dispensary & Weed Delivery San Diego, getting your weed near San Diego has never been easier. We are here to serve you and your weed and cannabis delivery needs. Our fast, friendly drivers will collect your order and deliver it straight to your home. If you’re already in our neighborhood and would like to swing by our store, that’s great too. We will be happy to see and to serve you. We offer in store services and curbside pickup for those in a hurry or if you just don’t feel like getting out of your car. At Torrey Holistics Dispensary, we’re happy to help in any way. Each of our concentrates and edibles are available for delivery, in-store purchase or curbside pickup. Whether you are new to the world of weed, you love the immediate effects of concentrates or prefer the smooth take off and landing of edibles, visit our website and browse our selection of cannabis and weed delivery options. We serve the entire San Diego are. We strive to be the best so that our customers always come back. Trust Torrey Holistics Dispensary for all your cannabis and weed related delivery needs.


About Torrey Holistics

Torrey Holistics opened in 2015 as a Medical Marijuana Dispensary; serving the patient community throughout San Diego County. In December of 2017, Torrey Holistics was proud to receive the very first recreational license in the state of California.

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