TJ Holmquist provides you with the best Legal Aid and information on Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Maryland. Holmquist is a Maryland attorney who assists clients in chapter 13 cases and who will help you the moment you contact him. At a legal fee of $540 to file the case, along with your money for approved credit counseling and the court filing fee, you can have your 13 case filed for $865. The Maryland bankruptcy is one of the most experienced out of chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers in Maryland.

Holmquist is solely a bankruptcy lawyer with a focus on chapter 13 bankruptcy in Maryland. Holmquist has worked on thousands of Maryland Bankruptcy cases – chapter 7 and chapter 13. So, if you are looking for your case to be inspected  by a serious professional, and you need to save money on legal fees. If you want a convenient and straightforward process, then Holmquist should be your first choice, especially if you’re going to get relief when you cannot file chapter 7 bankruptcy in Maryland.

If you’re wondering how much a Maryland bankruptcy attorney costs,  Holmquist and Dickerson answers that for you. It costs $335  to file for bankruptcy under chapter 7 just for the court fees that are charged by the United States Federal Bankruptcy Court everywhere in the United States in September 2019. Although, it costs $310 to file for bankruptcy under chapter 13 just for the filing fees charged again by the United States Federal Bankruptcy Court on September 25th, 2019.

So, it costs the same either way, and the location does not matter. This is true whether it is Baltimore, Greenbelt, Parkville Silver Spring, Towson, or Frederick MD, it will cost the same, whether for one person or a legally married couple. Now, Holmquist does mention that the US Bankruptcy Court might permit you to pay the filing fee in installments over time if you cannot pay all at once, but Holmquist recommends  and requires paying the filing fee straight away due to the problems he has personally seen over the years for the latter.

So, what if you are wondering how long it takes to file bankruptcy in Maryland?  Holmquist and Dickerson give their expertise. They state that there is a two-part answer to the question. First is the chapter 7 case itself. Once it is opened by filing with the court is open for a little over 90 days in September 2019. The issue of getting the case presented is usually reliant somewhat upon the client’s ability to gather some documentation like pay stubs, taxes, and bank statements for the court. Holmquist tells his clients, the quicker you get your homework to us and pay for your case, the faster it will get filed. Yet, in the case of a chapter 13 bankruptcy, the same remains for getting it filed, although it is a little more involved than the chapter 7 filing.

Contact Holmquist and Dickerson today if you would like more information about chapter 13 bankruptcy Maryland. They will assist you as best they can once you call them today on 443-275-9001. As well, they want to stop MD home foreclosure, keep vehicles from being repossessed, stop wage garnishments, keep student loans from getting out of control, help you pay back taxes over five years, and payback child support over five years. You can also email attorney Holmquist at [email protected].


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