Thomas Orths, Strategic Consultant, and High-Performance Coach announces the launch of Global Village Leaders, which gives leader across the globe an opportunity to step up and reach the next level. Global Village Leaders is a place to co-create, peer-to-peer coaching, share ideas and experience to make a difference.

As the founder of Global Village Leaders, Thomas Orths believes that greatness can be achieved through diversity and alignment, uniting successful people in collaboration and building a strong cohesion.

A Native American Indians proverb says that “No tree would be so foolish to allow its leaves to fight amongst themselves.” This quote greatly influenced Thomas to create Global Village Leaders and continue his mission. 

With a strong background in visual communication, sales & marketing, leadership & management, mindset change and cross-cultural awareness, Mr. Orths is in demand as Consultant, Corporate Performance Coach & Trainer, Executive Mentor and Keynote Speaker. Since 1998, over 20 years, he has been providing strategic consulting and high-performance coaching around the globe, which helps individuals, teams and organisations to grow in the industry.

Global Village Leaders is already a growing tribe of 50+ associates working on 5 continents.

From one-on-one coaching, small Action Learning Groups of 5, interactive 1-3 day workshops, online mastermind groups, to live lectures for large audiences up to 5.000, Thomas Orths serves people from all functions, cultures, and levels. These include board members, senior and middle management, sales & marketing teams, customer service & administration, sales staff and shift workers.

Through Global Village Leaders, Mr. Orths makes his support available to a much broader community. He reaches out and invites audiences around the world to learn more about mindset change, strategic management consulting services in a virtual environment, leading change across cultures, which he usually only offers to company executives.

The primary purpose of the Global Village Leaders is to enable people to discover their talents to become fully engaged at work – and remarkable as a result. Starting with improvements of personal leadership, it then helps individuals to become a great leader of others. It also reaches out to leaders providing effective coaching for performance improvement to resolve difficult issues in their current situation. Moreover, it unites the leaders in the community and fosters stewardship to looks after the Global Village.

Mr. Orths and his team typically delivers strategic consulting and high-performance coaching on seven levels in a business environment because each level is essential to success. Because of that, Global Village Leaders does not only focus on specific issues, but also covers a much broader spectrum of support. This wider spectrum adds an exciting dimension to the continually growing community. These are the seven levels of support:

1)      Spiritual (higher purpose)

2)      Mental

3)      Emotional

4)      Physical

5)      Social

6)      Financial

7)      Automation

Not every level appeals to everybody. However, it doesn’t have to. Leaders from different professions and industries can find support on each level in this online community. When different leaders grow on different levels, they also acquire insights from each other that create a significant connection and impact in the community.

About Business Brain Leaders:

Business Brain Leaders is a company that specializes in strategic management consulting services. Teamwork strategic consultants help businesses to achieve high performance coaching and breakthroughs in real time. Every consultant has in-depth knowledge and vast experience to offer, ensuring a holistic and relevant business consultancy. It strives to unite other leaders in different parts of the world. Furthermore, the expert services are available at a fair and reasonable cost that can guarantee huge savings as well as increase of turnover and profit.

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