Thomas Lloyd has excelled in manufacturing Vintage Chesterfield leather Furniture since 1981. Vintage Chesterfield’s are a unique and stunning piece of furniture, or as it’s known at Thomas Lloyd, an ‘iconic sofa’ due to its antiqued vintage leather sofa design which will no doubt continue to be loved for years to come. It is a piece of furniture that will stand the test of time in your home, and no one will forget it.

It is no wonder the Chesterfield vintage tan leather sofa is so popular and in high demand at Thomas Lloyd, and luckily the vintage leather sofas come in a range of styles and colours to suit anyone’s taste in their home.

At Thomas Lloyd, all of their furniture, particularly the classic Chesterfield, is handmade to a high standard by skilled craftsmen in Wales.

The Vintage Chesterfield was named after the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Phillip Stanhope, and what is so unique about the Chesterfield sofa is that it will look beautiful in any room, no matter the size and style. The Chesterfield has a way of making a simple room turn into a room of interior perfection.

The Chesterfield leather sofa has many defining features such as the deep buttoned, low base seats and quilted leather upholstery. The Chesterfield is known for its luxurious style, especially the continuous height of their arms and backs.

One other defining feature and what makes Chesterfield sofas so unique is their versatile ability as they can complement most interior design styles and decorations in any home, particularly with contemporary and traditional decors.

If you think that this stunning piece of furniture won’t be suitable in a family home, well, think again. The Vintage Chesterfield leather sofas at Thomas Lloyd are built with a family house environment in mind. The Chesterfield sofas are designed to deal with harsh treatments and wears of domestic life from spillages to scratches. Just wipe the sofa down with a damp cloth (yes, that’s all!) and your sofa is as good as new again, and in the same spotless condition it arrived in.

To have a Chesterfield leather sofa in your home means having a sofa for life. They are versatile, resilient and stylish. They are built to very high standards, from sturdy and robust hardwood and finely grained leather upholstery. Not to mention, the Chesterfield sofas are according to Thomas Lloyd ‘a timeless piece of furniture with a wealth of history behind them.’

When purchasing a Chesterfield sofa, you should ensure your selected manufacturer or retailer offers a genuine guarantee, as buying a Chesterfield sofa is a significant investment.

Fortunately, at Thomas Lloyd, the Chesterfield sofas have a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and, they are also offering a 21 day ‘no quibble’ money back or exchange guarantee.

Purchase a beautiful Vintage Chesterfield leather sofa today from Thomas Lloyd. The leather Chesterfield sofa collection has a vast range of leather sofas that come in a variety of colours and styles from the Grand Chesterfield, to the Lincoln, to the Cambridge, and many more.

Why not browse the Vintage Chesterfield leather furniture online and decide which one would be suitable in your home? Visit the Thomas Lloyd website today at and choose your favourite Chesterfield leather sofa. If you have any questions about the pieces of furniture you have seen online, contact Thomas Lloyd today on 01443 771 333.


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