Thomas Lloyd is proud to display their classically elegant lines of leather furniture manufactured to the highest standard.

A piece of leather furniture from Thomas Lloyd will be the perfect addition in any home. The team at Thomas Lloyd spend the time and effort carefully manufacturing each piece of leather furniture. This careful consideration ensures each piece of furniture you receive to be of the best quality.

At Thomas Lloyd Chesterfield, every piece of traditional leather furniture is tastefully antiqued, pleated and hand-finished. Also, every leather sofa, chair or footstool is sealed perfectly, and every button or trim is securely fixed. There are not many UK leather furniture manufacturers who would release this information to the public about what goes into their furniture.

Thomas Lloyd has a team of highly skilled craftspeople, and they ensure the highest standards of quality control compared to others in the leather furniture industry.

The employees at Thomas Lloyd are also thoroughly trained and with the knowledge products, their construction methods and specifications.

Thomas Lloyd would like to welcome anyone to their showroom who is interested in purchasing some furniture. You can look and try out the pieces from their elegant line of furniture, and it may help you come closer to a decision about which one to purchase.

As mentioned, Thomas Lloyd leather furniture is of a very high standard of build and quality. They would like to set the record straight on how they can make their line of furniture so affordable. They are manufactured within the UK by their professional craftsmen and handmade, so they are no added shipping fee or piece that they need to purchase to finish the job.

At Thomas Lloyd, they only use the highest quality materials to produce furniture as they have very high standards with their craftsmen following a precise method to ensure the best quality. They want their customers to receive a high-quality piece of furniture for their home, which is why they reiterate this.

Thomas Lloyd is exceptionally proud of the craftsmanship and skill that goes into each piece of leather furniture. The superb high-quality furniture can be seen throughout the entire collection when you are browsing online.

The leather furniture company have beautiful pieces of furniture which can be purchased from the collection, including traditional and contemporary sofas. At Thomas Lloyd, you will not be disappointed with the choice on offer and right quality you will receive.

You will be happy to know that all of the products at Thomas Lloyd are handmade in the UK by leather craftsmen, so it isn’t travelling far with a ridiculous price tag on it.

Thomas Lloyd offers better-quality products and prices that are affordable for everyone. This makes the leather furniture stand out from the rest of the UK furniture industry. You are getting designer quality products at a much lower price.

Thomas Lloyd Sofas are currently on sale on their website from sofas such as the Grand Chesterfield, the Chesterfield 3-seater leather sofa to the Lincoln, Monty, Cambridge, and many more pieces of furniture to choose from. There are many in their clearance section for a selected period, so if you require a new sofa now is your chance.

Contact the Thomas Lloyd team today if you are interested in purchasing a piece of leather furniture from their collection. You can go online to and browse through their collection or call 01443 771 333 to speak to a member of the team.


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With classically elegant lines, Thomas Lloyd leather furniture will immediately take pride of place in your home. That is not surprising when you consider the pride and care we take in manufacturing it. Quite simply we don’t believe in cutting…

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