If you are looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift that will last long after February 14th, Zarifa USA has you covered. Zarifa USA offers solutions for pain relief, workout recovery, or pure relaxation with a wide range of massage products.

Massage you feel refreshed and relaxed, and who does not need that?  Giving the gift of an at-home massage is a step towards improving your overall health and wellbeing. A massage chair helps with relaxation, mediation, and pain relief, and reduces stress, and improves circulation.

“We think the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift is the Z Smart Massage Chair Plus,” says Yama Mustafawi, CEO of Zarifa USA,” This is the best gift to pamper your significant year-round and offers customizable massage therapy plus pain relief anytime from the comfort of home.”

We’ve put together a guide to our most relaxing products to make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet. You can use your HSA/FSA funds to purchase all Zarifa USA products or take advantage of 0% financing through our partnership with Affirm.

The Z-Smart Massage Chair PLUS – the first-ever AI-driven Massage Chair in the United States. Equipped with Intelligent Voice Control, the Z-Smart Plus offers a stylish multi-functional and pain-relieving powerhouse of a massage chair. The Z-Smart Plus offers professional massage quality and is an indispensable tool in restoring thoracic, lumbar health.

Z-Smart Massage Gun Health Plus – The best massage gun that professionals trust with workout massage features that they rely on. Enhance your workout with Heart Rate Monitoring, Calorie Counting, and Temperature sensor. Release tension from sore and achy muscles, and help relieve pain from the back, muscles, and joints.

Z-Smart Shiatsu Foot Massager Plus – Give up foot pain forever with the Zarifa Z-Smart Shiatsu Foot Massager +. This mighty machine targets built-up scar tissue, prevents future knee injuries, and increases blood circulation, so you never have to worry about aches or pains again. This shiatsu foot massager machine with heat also targets leg muscle groups in a 90-degree hinge swing to give you full leg coverage.

Zarifa Shiatsu Neck & Shoulder Massager – Portable and ergonomic, the Zarifa Neck & Shoulder Massager can help you reach knots and hard to reach spots on the go. From neck pain to sore feet and plantar fasciitis, the neck and shoulder massager relieves symptoms across the entire pain spectrum with mobility and easy carry capabilities. As an FDA Class-II Medical Device, the massager machine for the neck and shoulder achieves the medical assistance of a physical therapist with the modern, hands-free mobility you have always needed.   

About Zarifa USA

With the increasing statistic of 100 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain each year, Zarifa USA aims to assist and provide relief to all we can without using addictive substances such as opioids.

Zarifa USA is committed to helping customers find pain relief through easily accessible products that deliver positive medical results. Zarifa USA supports pain sufferers through their difficult times and provides a positive drug-free massage therapy experience.


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About Zarifa USA

With the increasing statistic of 100 million Americans that suffer from chronic pain each year, Zarifa USA aims to assist and provide relief to all we can without the use of addictive substances such as opioids.

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