For students all over the world, choosing a university is one of the biggest decisions they’ll ever make. Whilst students often shortlist five institutions as potential options, securing a place at their first or second choice university is the key to succeeding in future ambitions.

The Profs Tutors is an award-winning team of tutors and education consultants, based in London, UK.  Since their inception, they’ve facilitated online and offline tutoring for thousands of students, specialising in degree level and professional qualifications, A-levels, International Baccalaureates, GCSEs, and university admission processes.

Today, The Profs Tutors are celebrating a major milestone in their journey, as 90% of their university applicants have received offers from their first or second choice universities.

Below, we detail how The Profs Tutors reached this major milestone and why securing a place at a 1st or 2nd choice university can have a long-lasting impact on a student’s life:

How The Profs Tutors helped 90% of their university applicants receive offers from their first or second choice universities:

The Profs Online Tutors are a network of highly-qualified, professional, self-employed private tutors and education consultants. They consist of university academics, PhD students, professional private tutors, retired executives and entrepreneurs with a strong academic background.

Tutors provide personalised support and mentoring in all educational subjects, from Anthropology to Zoology and everything in between. Tutors work closely with students to improve the students’ knowledge and skillset in their chosen subject area, ultimately helping them to achieve better grades and meet the admissions criteria set out by their preferred choice of university.

With a fantastic track-record of helping students, not only have their learners received offers from their first or second choice universities, but The Profs Online Tutors has become one of the highest-rated tutor platforms on TrustPilot.

University admission processes are complex, and achieving the grades required to study a course is just one part of the puzzle:

Achieving the grades to meet the entry requirements for a university is critical. However, more reputable and higher-ranked universities will consider more than the grades achieved, as they scout through pools of applicants to determine who is most likely to succeed.

The Profs Admissions Tutoring is carried out by tutors who are experts in the subject area that students are applying for. As highly trained university academics, subject-leads, PhD students and professional private tutors, they know exactly what top universities are looking for from their candidates.

Through mentorship and tutoring, the tutors at The Profs work with students to not only achieve the grades required, but to submit an application that stands out during the admissions process. This includes writing and submitting personal statements, preparing and training for university interviews, submitting an application based on the admissions policy of a preferred university, and any other requirements to submit said-application.

The benefits of securing a place at a first or second choice university:

Securing an offer from a first or second choice university can have a long-lasting impact on the life of a student. Typically, preferred institutions will provide a much higher quality of teaching, access to better facilities, and industry-recognised qualifications, which can improve the success a student has with future career paths and enhance earning potential.

Whilst a preferred institution can add a reputable name to the degree achieved, many will also outperform other institutions when it comes to the quality of student life, the support received throughout, or simply, provide a preferred location of study.

Such is the importance of securing an offer from a first or second choice university, the vetting process to become a tutor with The Profs is vigorous, ensuring quality and results. In fact, The Profs University Tutors have one of the most competitive vetting processes of any company in the UK, with only 3% of tutors accepted to work with students.

How to find a tutor that will help you to receive an offer from a preferred university:

The Profs Tutors provide both online tutoring through their virtual platform, and face-to-face tutoring in London. Head over to the website today to learn more about the 400+ expert tutors and the subject areas covered.


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The Profs Tutors are an award-winning tutoring company based in London, UK. They connect students that are in need of academic help with a network of highly-qualified, professional, self-employed private tutors and education consultants. Tutors can help improve a student’s understanding and ability, increase their confidence, accelerate their learning and improve their grades. Learn more via the website:


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