Ashmore, Australia – Universe Solar is delighted to announce that it has relocated its offices to Ashmore after providing its services to the Gold Coast community for over 10 years. This company is one of the leading solar panel installers in Australia and it is one of the most trusted businesses in this industry. Universe Solar welcomes the residents of Gold Coast to visit their new office in Ashmore. People can now come in for free consultations and advice on how to get solar panels installed in their homes and businesses.

The new office location is in Ashmore along the Gold Coast, and it is a better location for customers to get the support and consultations they need. The decision to relocate was based on Universe Solar’s dedication to improving the overall customer experience and ensuring that the company has the infrastructure to provide the best possible services. The Director of Universe Solar, Peter Christanthis states, “We are thrilled to announce the relocation of our office and reaffirm our commitment to delivering top-notch solar panel installation services to the Gold Coast community,”

Christanthis continues, “With our extensive experience, industry recognition, and dedication to exceptional customer service, we aim to continue providing sustainable energy solutions that contribute to a greener future while reducing your electricity bill.”

Since 2009, Universe Solar has given exceptional service to the Gold Coast community and has been consistently committed to providing the best solar panel installations. During this time, the company earned tremendous industry recognition that honored its commitment to excellence. Universe Solar has a strong reputation for being a high-quality service provider and offering impeccable customer care.

The company has installed over 3,000 solar systems that each have a 10-year Australian manufacturer warranty and have left thousands of customers satisfied. This warranty gives customers peace of mind that any unlikely defects can be taken care of. Universe Solar has provided reliable and long-lasting solar panels for over 10 years and customers can trust that they are getting the very best solar solutions.

Universe Solar goes the extra mile to ensure that customers get the attention they need and are given personalized solar solutions. Their team builds good relationships with the clientele and is available to answer any questions customers may have about the Gold Coast solar panel installation company process. Now that Universe Solar has expanded its office, the company has more space and infrastructure that can accommodate all its needs. Customers also have the option to witness the process of the solar panel installation during business hours. This can be very beneficial for people who want to learn more about how solar energy works.

About Universe Solar

Universe Solar is one of the leading Gold Coast solar system solutions for residential and business needs. The company has been recognized for its high-quality services and has been named the Best Gold Solar Company. The owners, Nikki & Peter Chrisanthis, had the vision to supply the best possible solar systems and create a reliable Gold Coast solar company.

Universe Solar is committed to promoting sustainable energy in homes and businesses across Australia and the company prides itself in providing excellent solar solutions. Customers who get their solar systems installed by Universe Solar have a 10-year warranty within Australia and are guaranteed the best quality. If you’d like to learn more about Universe Solar, please visit their website here:


About Universe Solar

Universe Solar is Australia’s leading supplier and installer of high quality solar system solutions for residential, rural & business needs.

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