New York, USA – Inspired by wanting to stay fit at home during the global pandemic, The Home Fitness Corp was established in January 2021 with the goal to provide you with access to a variety of high-quality gym and yoga products perfect for your home gym setup.

Created by a team of regular gym users, The Home Fitness Corp use their knowledge to offer you some of the most effective gym equipment available for staying in shape, such as cardio equipment, weight training machines, and weights, as well as also having a range of stylish active wear for both men and women.

They have now launched their new website complete with a helpful blog and online store, where you have the ease to select your ideal gym equipment and train when, how and the way you want – all in the comfort of your home.

Home Gym Supermarket

At they have a vision of helping everyone create their own personal workout space by offering a range of industry leading gym products that will help you with your home fitness journey.

In their online store you can find a selection of items that work great in a home gym setup, be that a large open space or a quiet section in your office, The Home Fitness Corp cater for any size of home gym by offering portable cardio equipment, like foldable treadmills and compact rowing machines.

If you are asking yourself – but why go to all this trouble at home, when I can just attend my local gym?

Then The Home Fitness Corp have the answers:

  • Privacy – In a public gym you may feel self-conscious, and this can prevent you from completing the work out you set out to do, but in a home gym you have the complete privacy to work out how you wish – with confidence.
  • Keep to Your Own Schedule – Instead of trying to fit your busy schedule to match gym opening times or trying to rush there immediately after work, a home gym setup takes that pressure off and allows you to meet your fitness goals at your ideal convenience.
  • No Membership Fees – If you choose to work out at home you no longer need to worry about monthly or weekly fees and can instead just focus on your workouts.
  • No Waiting Around – You can never know how busy a public gym will be until you walk through their doors. This means that there’s a high probability that the equipment you intended to use will be unavailable. Instead of wasting time waiting around get started right away with your home gym routine.

The Home Fitness Corp have a large range of cost-effective, high-quality gym equipment that adheres to variety of different fitness levels and can provide certain health benefits, such as weight loss, building muscle strength, improving posture, and toning your body – all with the convenience of being delivered right to your door.

Some of their most popular products are:

  • Exercise Bikes
  • Gym Treadmills
  • Rope Trainers
  • Rowing Machines
  • A range of different weights, such as Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Olympic Plates
  • Gym Benches

Not only this, but you will also find a stylish variety of athletic apparel and fitness accessories in their online store that have been specifically chosen to offer you an array of comfortable and breathable materials for both men and women to successfully complete their workouts.

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To find out more about The Home Fitness Corp and to see their full product selection, please visit their website at


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Welcome to the home fitness store, As regular gym users our self we see the importance of staying in shape and the unique advantages that can be gained by using fitness machines, trainers and weights to maintain an active and…

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