Los Angeles, California – The Dart Company, an online store that creates modern tools for herb consumption, is proud to celebrate the success of its eco-friendly Festival Pipe, which was launched at the 2023 Coachella music festival.

Since smoking at Coachella is permitted, The Dart Company wanted to offer festival goers a more environmentally friendly and less wasteful way to enjoy the smoking experience compared to the traditional rolling papers and lighters available at the music festival’s general stores.

Along with offering festival goes the opportunity to purchase its new product, The Dart Company additionally conducted customer research amongst the users. The research found that users were very positive about the Festival Pipe and particularly liked the incentive behind the product, such as reducing waste and lowering overconsumption, with the majority of users believing the Festival Pipe will encourage people to switch to eco-friendly smoking.

The founder of The Dart Co, Anthony Nguyen, states, “It was great to see the music fans embracing our product during shows with their friends and using a new eco-friendly means of enjoying their smoking experience all weekend long.”

The Innovative Design of the Dart Product

The Dart Co used an innovative design to create a smoking product that is both sustainable and eco-friendly. The goal is for this product to help people find better ways to smoke by reducing waste and overconsumption. The Dart is a highly advanced smoking pipe with the following features:

  1. A built-in filter
  2. A button that blocks ash or debris
  3. A stainless steel spring
  4. An elegant matte shell
  5. A silicone sleeve with anti-slip material
  6. An herb chamber for efficient loading
  7. A core that makes the inner surface smooth like glass

This pipe was designed to ensure that users have an easy and efficient time loading their herbs, blocking ash or debris, and reducing waste as much as possible.

The Dart Co has several types of pipes with this incredible design. The signature Dart models include:

  1. Dart One-Hitter: this one is ideal for smokers who prefer micro-dosing, it is discreet with a .15g chamber.
  2. Dart Plus: this version is blunt-sized with a .3g chamber and is ideal for smokers who are aiming for the biggest hits and want to share it with friends
  3. Dart Pro: this one has a built-in filter and can give smokers the smoothest hits, it has a mesh chamber and a .25g chamber as well

The Dart pipes were created with the finest craftsmanship and the highest quality materials to ensure that customers get the best possible product available on the market. Smokers who are looking for alternative options that can help them reduce excessive waste can greatly benefit from using the Dart because it is an eco-friendly option with an elegant design. It’s no wonder that Coachella festival goers loved using this product since it made loading herbs easier, and more efficient, and made smoking more environmentally friendly as well.

About The Dart Co

The Dart Co was founded out of necessity when the founder realized how complicated it was to smoke herbs on the go. Partially smoking a joint and saving it for later wasn’t easy because relighting it was always quite tricky. The founder wanted to create a product that made it easy for smokers to travel with it, smoke as much herb as they wanted, and have an ash ejection mechanism all in one. The Dart Co is dedicated to creating affordable products with ground-breaking designs and smart convenience for smokers in the United States. If you’d like to learn more about The Dart Co, please visit their website here: https://thedartco.com/.

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About The Dart Co

The DART Company was born out of a pretty specific need. Our founder, Anthony, was traveling around Europe, and, as he recalls, there just wasn’t a discrete and convenient way for him to smoke flower on the go.

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