Zurich, Switzerland – Gebr. Knabenhans AG is delighted to announce that it is introducing new sanitary services to its customers this year. The company now provides efficient and professional sanitary work in Zurich. Customers can now get plumbing installation and other plumbing services to deal with clogged drains or draining pipes. Customers can also get sanitary services to improve their energy savings, dirty filters, and defective toilet flushing.

The company offers heating and repair services in Zurich, Switzerland, and has provided excellent service to its diverse clientele while offering services in both English and German. Now, it is introducing more specialized sanitary services to broaden its scope of service delivery to ensure that its clientele has their needs met. Gebr. Knabenhans AG has well-trained professional plumbers that take pride in providing the best possible sanitary services.

More About the New Sanitary Services

Gebr. Knabenhans AG offers customers highly specialized and effective sanitary services. The team can help maintain all types of sanitary facilities whether the facilities are commercial, industrial, or even residential. This means that homes and businesses alike can benefit from the excellent sanitary services that Gebr. Knabenhans AG is now offering. Many customers may deal with clogged drains, broken faucets in their bathrooms or kitchens, and even dripping pipes. Gebr. Knabenhans AG ensures that customers get the best possible sanitary services to make their plumbing systems more effective.

Customers receive a dedicated contact person within the Gebr. Knabenhans AG team so that they can get personalized services and individual care to ensure that their sanitation needs are met. Gebr. Knabenhans AG offers its customers fast sanitary service that can help them maintain the value of their homes, protect their properties from water damage, and improve their energy efficiency. In a time when energy costs are rising, it’s vital that people are able to make energy savings by maintaining their appliances and systems to operate at maximum efficiency.

The plumbers have a high level of expertise and are able to take care of dirty filters that distribution systems in homes or businesses. Whether customers have calcified boilers, clogged drains, defective toilet flushing, or even leaking valves, the team of experienced plumbing professionals will fix that problem. The plumbers are dedicated to ensuring that their customers have appliances working at maximum efficiency and excellent sanitary solutions.

Since Gebr. Knabenhans AG supports local Zurich businesses and residential homes, more customers can access these specialized sanitary services. This can be very helpful in value retention and it can improve energy savings for those who get these sanitary services.

About Gebr. Knabenhans AG

Gebr. Knabenhans AG offers many different kinds of services that can help clients who need a chimney sweep, a roofer, or even heating services. Gebr. Knabenhans AG is a family business that has been in operation for over 125 years in the canton of Zurich. For over 100 years, Gebr. Knabenhans AG has built a solid reputation for providing excellent services and exceptional customer care. This high level of expertise is what sets Gebr. Knabenhans AG apart from other sanitation companies in Zurich.

The company was founded in 1895 by Jaques Knabenhans who started the business as a chimney sweep and it started offering other services like roofing and sanitation as the company continued to grow. The family business has been passed on from generation to generation with a strong tie to tradition to ensure that it is true to the legacy that was set by the founder. If you’d like to know more about Gebr. Knabenhans AG, please visit their website: knabenhans-ag.ch

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