For those looking for a new wave of sustainable luxury, the answer is not hard to find. With jewelry made from recycled metals and lab-grown diamonds, you can be sure that your purchase will not only look good but also leave an impact on our planet. As more consumers seek these pieces as an alternative to mined gems, we must spread awareness about this fantastic company and its mission. With every purchase you make, they donate 10% back to organizations working towards environmental conservation and sustainability efforts.

Sustain Brilliance, a company that creates unique jewelry using Lab Made Diamonds

The main reasons why mined diamonds and metals are not sustainable are that these practices tear up the planet, take away from natural resources, and contribute to human rights issues. Lab-grown diamonds counter this by creating a sustainable solution to mining. Lab-made diamonds can be completed in just three weeks with no damage done to the environment. CVD Diamonds (Chemical Vapor Deposition) creates flawless lab-made diamond gems through a very environmentally friendly process of applying carbon atoms to your gemstone of choice.

While many may find manufactured jewelry unappealing because it is manmade, Sustain Brilliance addresses this concern head-on by using recycled precious metals and stones, which take the waste out of landfills. Their pieces are eco-friendly both inside and out. Lab diamonds are eco-friendlier than mined diamonds as well because less energy is required to produce them. Lab gems have just as much sparkle and fire too. Lab-created diamond suppliers are so confident in the colorless lab products they offer that they back it up with a guarantee against being sold a diamond buyer believes is not GIA certified for being colorless or SI2 clarity grade.

Diamonds are more durable, harder to break, scratch, or chip, making them great for everyday wear without fear of loss or damage like you would see with conventional stones. The durability allows these gems to be used in ways that mined diamonds can’t be used due to softness and lack of strength under pressure.

Sustain Brilliance has several styles that utilize Lab Created Diamonds, CVD Diamonds, and Man Made Diamonds in various settings to create a line of jewelry that is the new wave in luxury.

Sustain Brilliance was launched with one goal in mind…to bring consumers about what they are genuinely buying for their fine jewelry purchases. Lab-Created Diamonds are now being used worldwide to produce everything from rings, earrings, necklaces, and watches that look just as good if not better than their mined cousins.


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Sustain Brilliance is a jewelry company that produces jewelry from recycled metals and lab-grown diamonds. The use of these materials helps the environment and saves you money by being more affordable than mined diamonds. By choosing to purchase a piece of Sustain Brilliance, you’ve decided to treat our planet well by using sustainable products.

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We believe that for something to be truly pure, it must do no harm. That’s why we began our mission of crafting singular jewelry, designed for those who are both discerning and passionate.

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