The most recent Commonwealth of Virginia research into automobile accidents exposed some worrying truths. In 2020, the number of motor vehicle accidents in the United States stood at a shocking 105,600, with more than 52,000 people suffering injuries.

Steven M. Oser, a leading auto injury attorney in Virginia, has launched a car accident awareness campaign that aims to shine a light on the unfathomable suffering that car crash victims experience due to the negligence of other motorists or defective seat restraints.

While Virginia car seat laws have recently become more stringent, the statistics remain alarming. The team at Oser Legal believes that more can be done to champion those who have had to endure physical, emotional, and financial stress from an auto accident in which they were not to blame.

Below, we detail the new car accident awareness campaign from Steven M. Oser P.C, and outline how Oser Legal is fighting insurance companies head-on for the benefit of auto crash victims:

The mental and physical suffering that car accident victims experience can be lifechanging – and they deserve monetary compensation

For over 30 years, Steven M. Oser, a leading Virginia car accident lawyer, has fought against insurance companies and helped car accident victims claim the maximum compensation they are entitled to by law. In that time, Steven and the team at Oser Legal have witnessed the impact that car accidents can have on lives first-hand.

The new car accident awareness campaign is designed to highlight how, quite tragically, many of the 105,600 auto accidents across Virginia in 2020, and those that continue to happen to this very day, could have been prevented. Many of these injuries occurred as a result of unsafe driving practices, negligence, or defective seat restraints.

For the victims, medical expenses, ongoing treatment(s), rehabilitation, lost wages, property damage, loss of consortium, and ongoing medical bills only add to the mental and physical suffering. Steve M. Oser P.C is renowned for his work in the state as a Virginia personal injury lawyer who ensures victims receive the monetary compensation they deserve.

This campaign not only aims to shine a light on the suffering car accident victims experience but to make it clear that compensation can be achieved.

The Commonwealth is one of a handful of US states where contributory negligence still applies. These strict laws often mean that without the help of an experienced auto injury attorney, it’s very difficult to achieve compensation. If the victim is assigned even a small percentage of blame – even just 1% – they cannot recover money.

For Steve M. Oser, rarely a week passes where he isn’t contacted to represent somebody as their car injury attorney or Suffolk Virginia truck accident lawyer. While the law is strict, Steven and the team at Oser Legal have a long and successful history of fighting the victim’s corner, providing exceptional customer support, and winning compensation.

The suffering that car accident victims experience is a worthy cause in itself. While bumps and bruises can be difficult enough to deal with, the damage is long-lasting and life-changing for many victims. Steve M. Oser is a renowned Virginia Auto Accident Attorney and has helped those who have experienced such trauma recover the money required for ongoing support, medical and lost wage expenses and rehabilitation.

Learn more about the car accident awareness campaign

Visit the Oser Legal website to learn more about the campaign and how Steven M. Oser has helped car accident victims receive monetary compensation.

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