Start Dog Fence offers a helpful list of the top wireless dog fence for the comfort of pets. The team of the company knows that pets specifically dogs are already part of the family of dog lovers. Dogs, too, deserve to get love and care just like humans do. With this, dog owners can be responsible for meeting the needs of their beloved best friends.

Start Dog Fence provided a list of excellent wireless dog fence systems for the playful dogs. Dogs are naturally playful so they tend to play outdoors which can cause some trouble. Fortunately, wireless dog fence systems are now available for the benefits of dogs while playing. Start Dog Fence revealed the most effective wireless dog fence in the market that allows dogs to play safe. These wireless dog fences include the following:

  • PetSafe Wireless Fence Containment Systems

It is among the top sellers of wireless dog fences in the market. It offers a wireless boundary for dogs regardless of their size. It can also provide safety and security to the pets against injuries and other dogs. This fence covers half an acre having a circular boundary up to 90 feet in different directions from the transmitter. It also features a waterproof collar that indicates if the battery is already low. It is also easy to install. However, the PetSafe doesn’t work well in the sloped yard.

  • Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence

The Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence is an unseen and safe pet containment system. It can be installed in-ground or above ground. It comes with easy installation and has an increased rechargeable battery for its maximum performance. Its boundary wire is also updated with sold copper wire for the comfort of the dogs. It is perfect for training dogs. This fence also has a unique feature that warns the dog not to go ahead. It is also customizable to suit the needs of the dogs. It can be available with a lifetime replacement warranty. However, the drawback of this dog fence is that it has a thin wire that can be break easily. It is also not suitable for two dogs.

  • Extreme Dog Fence- Second Generation 2019

This dog fence can cover a wide range of around 5 acres. It has a 12x more powerful battery for its maximum efficiency. This dog fence has a waterproof collar, so dogs can swim whenever they want. The kit also comes with training flags, digital transmitter, splice kits, high tensile boundary wire with protective jacket, batteries as well as collar receivers.

  • Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence

This Wi-Fi dog fence has the best collars in the market. It features a built-in transmitter that serves as Base Smart Station with a powerful battery charger. Its neckband is lightweight, and the fence is built with polycarbonate material of plastic to handle the wildness of dogs. It comes with high quality.

  • Radial-Shape Dog Electronic Fence

It has a close-fitting Trigger Zone that is about 3 to 6 feet, and designed with a shock collar that offers little shocks to the dog should they cross the warning zone. It has a waterproof collar with a collar strap and fit as well.

Start Dog Fence wants to help dog owners to meet the needs of their pets. With this dog fence list, they can now give their dogs with a safe and comfortable playground.


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Startdogfence wants to help dog owners to meet the needs of their pets. With this dog fence list, they can now give their dogs with a safe and comfortable playground.

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