South West Spas offers quality repairs and services for its customers. The independent hot tub company is confident to bring their top grade repairs and servicing hot tubs. Their company is based in Exeter, Devon that already makes thousands of happy and satisfied customers. The clients don’t have anything to doubt because the owner and the company’s team has extensive knowledge in the industry.

The company is spearheaded by Alan, who is also a skilled and expert hot tub technician. Their team of well-experienced technicians has been serving the community since 2007. With their experience, they already mastered the best techniques to give the specific needs of their customers. The South West Spas are always ready to help people with their hot tub repair and installation needs. Alan has utilized different things like cranes and helicopters to provide every family with the best quality hot tub installation.

The team of the company never wants to fail their clients with their services. With that, they use careful planning to give the top quality service for everyone. The team also established a solid customer base in the region. They also attained a good reputation with different pool companies which usually pass on work they can’t do. Even though Alan leads a company now, he still enjoys meeting clients, servicing and repairing hot tubs, so he is always out and proud to represent South West Spas.

The South West Spas also provide technical and efficient advice to clients who plan on purchasing a hot tub. They can also source separate hot tubs for the residents of Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset. South West Spas understand that hot tubs are essential for their clients. With that, they make efforts to give them a significant return from their hot tub projects.

The company wants to meet the standards and requirements of their clients. So, they offer extensive options for services for their particular needs. Some of their top services include Flush and Fill, Start Up, Shut Down, as well as Full Annual Service. They listen to the suggestions of their clients because they want to offer a flexible and personal service that can make them smile and satisfied.

They know that hot tubs are used for important occasions and daily use of many families. With this, the team of South West Spas assures their customers to bring back the perfect efficiency of their hot tubs. They also offer their services promptly. They value the time of their customers, so they are always punctual in providing their hot tub repairs and servicing for their clients. The South West Spas make sure that the hot tubs of their customers are correctly installed, cleaned, or repaired. Their services are available in practical and reasonable cost. Before they perform a full service, they make sure to check that the hot tub to be on and up to temperature.

With the leadership of Alan, South West Spas promise their customers to further improve the quality of their hot tub servicing and repairs. They always perform at their best because they want to leave a good impression to their customers about their work. They are passionate to meet the needs of their clients.


For more information about the South West Spas, visit their site at, or email them at [email protected]. They can be easily contacted through their phone number 07719 102 986.


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We are a small independent hot tub Company based in Exeter, Devon, with years of experience in repairing and servicing hot tubs. Company owner and and highly experienced hot tub technician, Alan, has worked in the industry since 2007. South…

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