New York, United States – Whether you have heard of before or not, there is no denying that the Online Card Gaming Innovator Award is an important one within the online card game industry.

As the pioneer behind, an online card game site that offers unlimited access to over 500 free games, Neal Taparia is a deserving winner. But what does this award mean, and what other award-worthy ventures has Neal Taparia been involved with?

About the Online Card Gaming Innovator Award

As the name might suggest, the Online Card Gaming Innovator Award from Best Companies is all about innovation in digital card games. However, Neal Taparia won this award by rethinking the space.

The creation of was, in his own words, an attempt to “shake up classic games.” Solitaire is one of the most well-known card games in existence, but has not evolved over the years. has been a big part of online card games gaining traction and has helped push forward the idea of reinvigorating classic with modern gamification. On Solitaired, for example, you can play multiplayer modes, compete against others on global leaderboards, and even watch replays.

Considering that Taparia has had connections to the industry for years and has helped push many different innovations forward, it is no surprise that one of them eventually landed him with such an award. 

About Neal Taparia 

Neal Taparia has been involved in a range of different internet businesses. He founded Imagine Easy Solutions which created writing software that was used by 40 million students yearly. After selling the business to Chegg, a public education company, he served as an executive there for three years. He also invests in private companies through SOTA Partners.

Neal also contributes to various online publications like Forbes, discussing topics like how games can improve your mental health to succeeding in entrepreneurship. 

While is hardly Neal’s first crack at innovation, this award highlights his efforts to think differently. While an online platform for solitaire might sound simple, few people have tried to reinvent the game.

What is is a website dedicated to giving players free access to every type of solitaire and classic game imaginable. Players can find over 500 different games, ranging from standard solitaire games to challenging variations like Spider Solitaire and Triple Klondike Solitaire.

This is a huge part of why was such an innovative step for the classic gaming space. Not only have they provided access to new types of solitaire games, they have introduced features across these games from hints to undos to leaderboards to make the games more fun.

This has made one of the most popular places to play solitaire online, with over 20 million yearly users.

How Has Changed the Industry?

Solitaired is a unique site when compared to others in the online card game space. While many other sites offer online solitaire games, they only offer a few games with basic functionality is unique in that it offers a much more extensive catalog of online solitaire games, all for free. Recently they introduced Four Peaks Solitaire, a popular variation of TriPeaks Solitaire. Taparia and team also relentlessly test different features and interactions to determine what can create an optimal experience. For instance, they found that providing stats and streaks improves engagement in the game. Taparia explains, “Our north star is to create the most fun gaming platform possible where users want to return.”

This, coupled with the ease of use of, was a significant reason that the site stood out among its peers. While Taparia has been involved in a range of companies and ventures in the past, this award is definitely one of the most deserved that he could have been handed. 

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