Solergy brings renewable energy options to cities with highest household energy consumption in Texas. 

As energy prices continue to soar in Texas and the grid becomes unreliable, solar energy is becoming more and more popular to power homes and businesses across Texas. Solergy is an A+ BBB rated company that specializes in Solar Panel Installation Plano TX for both homeowners and businesses. They offer a variety of options to meet your energy needs and payment plans to fit any budget, making it possible for homeowners to save money on their monthly electric bill.

Solergy has installed over 1,000 solar panel systems since they were founded in 2015. They have a team of highly trained and certified professionals passionate about solar energy and its ability to change communities.

The company expanded its services to territories across the DFW area in August 2021. As Solergy directly responds to the needs of homeowners across the Dallas Fort Worth area and the Rio Grande Valley, they make solar panel installation and maintenance as simple as possible offering various types of financing options that range from as low as 0.99% to 30-year terms. Now residents in Collin County, Dallas County, and Tarrant County can access Solergy’s Solar Hybrid System.

Solar Hybrid System stores renewable, clean energy produced by its rooftop solar panels. During a storm or power outage, the system seamlessly kicks in and powers all your homes essential loads. Keeping your lights on, food fresh and your family comfortable. The hybrid system is charged daily by the solar panels, providing a stable and reliable source of power. It also provides three different capabilities, it can be programmed as a grid-tied system, off-grid system or battery backup system. 

Solergy’s solar hybrid system is a great option for homeowners whose priority is to keep their property running on backup solar power during a power outage or whose utility company have time of use rates, demand charges or does not offer a net metering policy, where they compensate you for the excess energy sent back to the grid. The hybrid system has the flexibility to manage time of use electricity rates for maximum solar saving on electric bills. 

“With the inflation our nation is currently facing, energy rates are skyrocketing and putting a burden on homeowners’ wallets. Many Texans who experienced the 2020 winter freeze, have lost trust in the Texas power grid. Solergy provides a secure and affordable source of power to homeowners across Texas. Our mission is to make it possible for Texans to own their power and gain their independence from Utility companies.” said Frank Shayegan, Solergy’s founder and CEO. 

Apart from the obvious environmental benefits, the hybrid system provides a stable and reliable alternative to traditional power sources.

About Solergy: 

Solergy is a solar power company that was founded in 2015. The family-owned company is based in the Texas Rio Grande Valley, and it is committed to providing affordable and reliable solar power to the region. Solergy has a team of experienced engineers and technicians who work closely with local utilities and jurisdictions to develop solar solutions. The company also has a solid commitment to community outreach, and it works with local organizations to promote solar power education and awareness. Solergy is dedicated to helping residents in Dallas, TX  and the surrounding areas achieve their energy independence. It is poised to play a significant role in the region’s clean energy future. 

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About Solergy

As an A+ rated BBB solar company, we pride ourselves on being a local family-owned company that provides the highest quality solar panel installations, expert guidance, and unmatched customer service.

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