Serenity Recovery Center takes a holistic approach to addiction treatment and recovery. The rehab center addresses all aspects that have contributed to the addiction problem, including the patient’s personal history, behaviors, and personality.

Individuals suffering from addiction have to find California rehab centers that they are comfortable with. Recovery will come easily when patients are working with compassionate and understanding staff. Serenity Recovery Center understands that not all treatment methods and addiction recovery centers are the same. A customized recovery solution is required to help patients achieve sobriety and live a healthy life.

Serenity Recovery Center’s treatment process includes addressing the emotional, physical and psychological aspects of their patients. The center tailors their programs to the exact needs of their patients to guarantee the best possible outcomes in detox and prepare them for the next treatment process. They first evaluate the patient’s addiction and other matters related to it. The rehab center takes time to thoroughly understand the patient’s situation in order to provide the treatment modalities and support that meets their needs. During the detox process, the patient will be observed continuously and given the highest level of medical care. No two patients are exactly the same and that is why Serenity Recovery Center provides alternative options that allow them to tailor the treatment for the best possible result. The patient will get full support, accountability and structure to guarantee the success of the treatment process.

The center’s facility, which is located inside the Encino Hospital Medical Center, provides a relaxed and peaceful environment where patients can recover without worries. The rooms are equipped with entertainment centers and private bathrooms. There’s also a private outdoor courtyard and spacious common areas with modern furnishings. This environment gives patients peace of mind and allows them to reconnect with themselves.

The center’s certified therapists encourage the patient’s confidence and self-esteem and provide them with tools to continue the recovery process. Serenity Recovery Center also provides psychological and non-traditional therapies to help with the patient’s psychological and medical needs. Their holistic therapies include meditation, yoga, and acupuncture. They also offer discharge planning to help patients remain on their continuum of care once they leave the center.

Serenity Recovery Center welcomes patients from all walks of life and of all ages. They accept first-time patients, relapse clients, and dual diagnosis patients. They are experienced and trained in working with dual diagnosis patients and follow the right treatment protocols necessary to address the patient’s mental illness and addiction safely at the same time. Those who have experienced a relapse can also come to the center. A regression can be fixed through another detox and by making adjustments to the treatment protocol. The center provides outpatient and inpatient programs. They help patients return to the road to recovery and achieve long-term sobriety.

About Serenity Recovery Center

Serenity Recovery Center is an addiction treatment center that assists patients throughout the detox and treatment program. The center has a team of medical detox center doctors, addictionologists, psychiatrists and registered nurses who have the training, credentials, and experience necessary to provide patients and their loved ones with peace of mind. They combine medical protocols and psychological therapies with various holistic treatment options to ensure that the patient gets all the tools and support they need to overcome the painful withdrawal process and successfully deal with the emotional and physical burdens that often accompany the Los Angeles detox centers process.

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About Serenity Recovery Center

At Serenity Recovery Center, we understand both the importance and difficulty associated with the detox process. Our client-centered approach is designed to make detox as comfortable as possible by meeting your psychological and physical needs in an environment that is…

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