Dallas, Texas – Founder of SEO Rockstars, SEONitro, the SEO Intelligence Agency, and PageOneEngine, Dori Friend has now personally invited leading press release distribution and SEO link building service, Magic PR, to take part in her yearly conference: SEO Rockstars.

Taking place between the 10th – 12th November in Dallas, Texas, this renowned event has earned its reputation for sharing priceless insights, case studies, and techniques from some of the biggest names in the world of SEO.

An Exclusive Opportunity

With an impressive list of international SEO specialists chosen to speak at the event, including Clint Butler (SEO Brainiac), Carolyn Holzman (SEO Media Technologist), Bruno Souza (Founder of Black Swan Media), Brock Misner (CFO and Co-Founder – Marketing Divine), and Craig Campbell (SEO Ballcuzzi), SEO Rockstars promises attendees a chance to receive the latest SEO insider information.

The event is designed to debunk common SEO myths and instead focus on providing proven SEO test results, effective case studies, and up-to-date verified strategies that are guaranteed (after undergoing hundreds of tests) to deliver incomparable results,

Not only this, but SEO Rockstars opts for quality over quantity by limiting the size of the conference and only inviting the most reputable SEO companies and individuals, thereby giving attendees the opportunity to make truly invaluable SEO connections that would be impossible anywhere else.

Leading SEO and Press Release Distribution

Magic PR is one of the reputable companies personally requested to attend SEO Rockstars 11th annual event.

With their leading press release distribution and exclusive SEO process that uses link building on Amazon, Bing, IBM, and Google Cloud properties, such as Google Drive, sheets, PDF, slides, and documents, to seamlessly link back to your PR, Magic PR guarantees to give you an edge over your competitors.

Their wide range of media distribution packages from bronze to the best-selling gold or premium platinum package, have the ability to circulate press releases through prominent news and media outlets, such as Cision (PR Newswire), Bloomberg, GlobeNewswire, and Yahoo News and ensure a boost in local as well as organic rankings for your business and with it increased customers and sales.

Magic PR remain many digital steps ahead of their competitors by tailoring US distribution by region, state or by city, allowing them to laser target any press release for any local business and maintain their end user focus.

This has led them to further increase their ever-growing global client base that features a range of companies and business, from start-ups, Ecommerce stores, to large international enterprises, all in a variety of different industries.

So, let their group of talented writers that expertly utilise ART (Authority, Relevance and Trust) in each press release, valuable partnerships with premium distribution networks, and their access to the latest SEO techniques, give your press release the maximum coverage and SEO potential to rank at number one.

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Magic PR offers a specialised press release distribution service along with their exclusive SEO process that utilises link building on Amazon, Bing, and Google Cloud that guarantees results. To find out more on how to get a little magic into your brand or business, please visit the website at


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