SD Sealants Offer Excellent Cosmetic Repairs with their fully qualified sealant applicators. The fully qualified and highly trained cosmetic building repairers offer a complete surface cosmetic repair service on an extensive list of surfaces. Unsightly chips, scratches and cracks can be professionally repaired to an exacting standard, often saving the need to replace expensive items.

At SD Sealants, they are happy to take on any job, no matter big or small and you can rest assured that you will receive a first-class service from a fully qualified sealant applicator.

Some of the cosmetic repair services that SD Sealants provide and the sealant application work that they undertake include the following:

  • Internal and external window frames
  • Internal and external door frames
  • Glass to glass
  • Tile/wood/ameco to skirting joints
  • Expansion joints
  • Acoustic soundproofing
  • Air test jointing
  • Fire seal
  • Lead work sealing
  • Floor saw cut joints
  • Swimming pools
  • Cut out and reseals

SD Sealants mention that if you require a sealant application that isn’t listed above, and you would like a quote or to arrange a free site visit for us to evaluate the job please contact your nearest office through their ‘Contact’ page on the website or email the company a brief specification and the professionals will get back to you with a full and detailed quotation.

At SD Sealants, the two main sealing applications are the joining of one surface to another, and providing protective cover to a particular area. Fortunately, SD Sealants are specialists in both. First is the mastic sealant, which is a type of sealant used in projects where the sealant needs to stay flexible once it’s dried, as it can maintain its durability for years while also bending as required.

The team at SD Sealants regularly uses mastic sealant in construction jobs such as connecting doors and windows to the main structure, as well as in bathrooms to seal the area around tubs or to fill in cracks in masonry. SD Sealants can vouch for this high- quality sealant as it is very versatile and it adheres to a range of materials, including concrete, steel, aluminium, wood and glass.

According to the SD Sealants, there are several unique features which set mastic sealant aside from other alternatives such a silicone. For example, combining a smooth surface with a rigid form and unrivalled flexibility, mastic sealants are easy to apply, as they come in a pasta shape which refers to the surface smoothly without the need for priming.

SD Sealants are also very proud of their caravan sealant application expertise which enables the professionals to work on park homes and caravans ‘in situ’, resolving issues and also providing cosmetic repairs. The cosmetic repair specialists at SD Sealants use a selection of acoustic sealants, clear sealants and specialist window frame sealants to provide a range of solutions which are highly in demand amongst commercial operators in the caravan industry.

Contact SD Sealants today if you need cosmetic repairs done in your home, the cosmetic repair company have fully qualified sealant applicators who will provide you with an excellent service. They also take to provide cosmetic repair training. You can call SD Sealants today on 08700 717 273 to schedule an appointment with SD Sealants, or you can go online to for more information about the services they provide.


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