Sauna King USA is a leading supplier of infrared saunas, all for an affordable price. People have looked to saunas for years as a traditional way of looking after their health. The oldest-known saunas in Finland were made from pits dug in a slope in the ground featuring a fireplace in the middle. Stones were heated to a high temperature, and water was thrown on the hot stones to produce steam and to give a sensation of increased heat.

Saunas have come a long way since then, with many models and types available worldwide from electric stove sauna to infrared ones. Traditional saunas use steam to heat the air inside the sauna, which then heats your body until you begin to sweat. For this to be effective, temperatures must reach upwards of 190°F, whereas infrared saunas only need to reach 100-140°F for the same effect. These lower temperatures mean you can breathe easier and enjoy a much more comfortable and satisfying sauna session.

Why choose Sauna King USA?

Sauna King USA is leading the way in supplying infrared saunas that are superior to anything else on the market today. Their team live and breathe customer service, and are committed to making sure you are 100% satisfied at every level during and after your sauna purchase. Every single far infrared sauna available is 100% Canadian cedar or 100% Canadian hemlock wood, and will have been scrutinized and tested at the highest levels and electrically certified by ETL Labs. What’s more, Sauna King USA provides one of the best warranty deals in the industry with a lifetime warranty on cabinet and carbon heaters, a 3-year warranty on power packs, control units, control panels and lighting, plus a 1-year warranty on radio/MP3/CD players or MP3 input and speakers. 

The health benefits of infrared saunas

Infrared saunas come with so many potential health benefits it would be madness to miss out on one. Sauna King USA claims that their saunas can fix a multitude of health issues and provide a wide range of benefits to the user’s health and wellbeing, such as:

  • Weight loss – an increase in heart rate and metabolic rate burns more calories and can lead to weight loss
  • Stress and insomnia relief – relieves tension, soothes nerves, and stimulates the release of endorphins. It also serves to eliminate fatigue and aid deep sleep
  • Better cardiovascular health – regular sessions can reduce high blood pressure, heart disease, and poor circulation
  • Detoxification – helps stimulate the circulatory system and oxygenates body cells, allowing toxins to flow from the cellular level to the skin’s surface and out of the body
  • Muscle relaxation – helps to relieve overworked muscles, stiffness, cramps, and discomfort. Regular sessions stimulate blood flow so muscles can become more flexible and have a greater range of motion
  • Clearer skin – especially helpful with aiding various skin complaints like acne, wrinkles, dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis
  • Better immune system – the higher temperatures work to boost and reinforce the immune system

It’s important to note that most doctors advise patients who have had a recent heart attack, or who may be prone to low blood pressure, to avoid saunas to be on the safe side.

More information

Sauna King USA was founded by Mike Mcafoose, who had the idea after suffering from health problems in his forties and using regular infrared sauna sessions to regain his health. His mission is to supply affordable infrared saunas to everyone who needs to improve their health and wellbeing. For more information on Sauna King USA, head to their website at If you have any inquiries, please email them to [email protected] or call 1-800-792-1753.


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