Saskatoon SK dental clinic is now offering teeth whitening services to its patrons. The teeth whitening uses Philips Zoom teeth whitening lasers or takes home teeth whitening trays. Committed to delivering professional dentistry services for individuals and their family, Willowgrove Dental is wholeheartedly offering their new services to the citizens of Saskatoon, Canada.

Teeth discoloration can come from many sources including genetics, smoking, drinking, medication, aging, from certain foods or beverages or a combination of multiple of these factors. Hundreds of people in the region alone suffer from this complication. Without further maintenance and checkups, these complications can evolve to more severe and painful complications like tooth decay and cavity formations.

Willowgrove Dental, located at 4CXV+6J Saskatoon, Corman Park No. 344, SK’, uses Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed that can brighten up people’s smile by eight shades in just 45 minutes. They also offer home whitening kits that can lighten teeth up to 9 shades with one to two weeks of use. For more information on Willowgrove Dental’s teeth whitening services, visit:

The Dental boasts a 5-star review on Google prides and does their best to take the fear out of going to the dentist in Saskatoon. They pride themselves at being a friendly, relaxing, and comfortable place for children, men, women, and families can visit. Their team of trained and skilled professional dentists and hygienists provide their clients with quality service and a calming atmosphere

“Dr. Reynaud is an outstanding dentist and is always super friendly. He and his staff are very good with kids! We are fortunate to have him as our dentist!” said a satisfied customer about Willowgrove Dental.

A great experience at Willowgrove Dental. The staff was very welcoming, polite and professional. The dentist and hygienist did a wonderful job and walked me through each step of my visit. They are comforting for those who don’t typically enjoy going to the dentist. I enjoyed the education and tips they gave, to keep my teeth healthy and clean. Highly recommend! (Bonus- their band new clinic was so modern and clean, very refreshing),” according to another customer review on Facebook.

The clinic extends its services not just to teeth whitening but also a variety of operations. Operations like restorations, root canal therapy, dental implants, sleep apnea, orthodontics, invisalign, and even tooth surgery. Their modern clinic offers state-of-the-art equipment and methods that give their clients the best quality of service.


For those interested in availing their services, their clinic is located on the North East side of Saskatoon in Willowgrove Square across the new Willowgrove school. They offer direct billing and are open on Saturday and Sundays for treatment. With the advent of the internet, their clinic also has an online booking function that allows their clients to book an appointment quickly.

About Willowgrove Dental:

Willowgrove Dental was born from passions of helping others. They strive to provide a calm and non-threatening atmosphere for their clients, whether they are kids, adults, men, women, or families. Their professional team, coupled with their state-of-the-art equipment, offers only the best services for their clients.


For more information about Willowgrove Dental, look for Dr. Damara Rayner at (306) 978-0050 or email them at [email protected] To check out their other services, visit the website


About Willowgrove Dental

At Willowgrove Dental, our professional dental team is committed to providing quality dentistry for your entire family. Drs. Rayner, Reynaud, Rayner, Brakstad and the team welcome you to Willowgrove, and look forward to helping you achieve your best oral health.

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