RJH Solutions 6 explain in detail the Importance of Schema for SEO. The company offers online local business solutions in the New Dallas area. For those individuals unfamiliar with the term a Schema, JSON and why it’s important for SEO, a simple explanation is that schema is a computer language that is designed for the search engine and other platforms to understand what your website is.

RJH mention that one of the most popular types of schema mark-up is JSON. Yet, the business solutions company indicate that the JSON is written in more of a JavaScript type language, which is more widely known.

The Importance of Schema

RJH answer the important question, what does this schema (or JSON) tell Google about your website that many businesses would like to know. According to the experts at RJH, Google’s job is to connect these dots that are scattered across the internet, the connection to try and figure out what your website actually is areas they serve, where they are located and is it relevant enough to show up for this search term.

RJH further explain that the tricky part is that all of them cannot be connected, however, that’s where the schema comes in as it can actually help with this. The experts list a few points about what the Schema can tell a search engine about your webpage which include:

  • Your location,
  • Areas you serve
  • Business Name
  • Business Location
  • Business Rating
  • Products you Sell
  • Description of your Businesses

The RJH Solutions clarified the importance of Schema, especially as it can also indicate particular websites which are related to your website like your Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Google Maps, Yelp Listing, Etc. For more details about the effective of the JSON, just contact the team at RJH today.

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