Nashville, TN – Creative Health Care Insight, a leading provider of information technology and solutions for the health care industry, is proud to announce the launch of its cutting-edge cloud-based platform, Creative Health Care Insight. Designed to streamline the way health care organizations operate, this powerful platform consists of two suites that are set to maximize efficiency and savings, while offering unparalleled user-friendliness and ultra-secure access from any web-enabled device. Creative Health Care Insight understands the need for organizations to stay ahead and save time in today’s fast-paced health care landscape making it the ultimate tool for streamlining processes.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Creative Health Care Insight Platform to the health care industry,” said Aaron Garner, CEO of Creative Health Care Insight. “With the increasing demands and complexities that health care professionals face on a daily basis, we recognized the urgent need for a technology solution that would revolutionize the way organizations operate. Creative Health Care Insight provides transformative capabilities, enabling health care providers to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and ultimately improve patient care.”

Creative Health Care Insight Platform’s Two Powerful Suites

The Creative Health Care Insight platform’s two powerful suites:

  1. Competency Suite
  2. Professional Portfolio Suite

By mastering the professional competency cycle of reporting and processes, eliminating inefficiencies, and providing secure access to customize data to meet ANCC requirements, Creative Health Care Insight’s platform offers hospitals a solution that is both innovative and intuitive.

Competency Suite

The Competency Suite empowers health care organizations to go beyond tracking competencies and move into shared decision making and clear transparency for all things competency. This suite has three components: Ongoing Competency Component, Initial Competency Component, and the Relational Competency Component. The suite components can be used individually or as a fully integrated system.

Ongoing Competency Component

The ONLY platform that empowers organizations to fully leverage The Wright Model of Competency Assessment.

Co-designed with Creative Health Care Management consultant Donna Wright, the Creative Health Care Insight platform not only tracks ongoing competency completion, but helps users prioritize and select meaningful competencies based on strategic goals and outcome needs. Competencies can be filtered and prioritized for groups, departments by strategic goals, current population needs, quality data, and high-risk aspects allowing your team to focus on the competencies necessary for their roles.

Customizable, effective reports track and document every step and consideration, ensuring users surpass regulatory body requirements.

Initial Competency Component

The Initial Competency Component is in the development stage and will be available in the Spring of 2024.

Relational Competency Component

Gain valuable insights into your teams’ relational and leadership skills. The Relational Insight Assessment (RI 360°) discovery tool and Leadership Insight Assessment (LI 360°) discovery tool provide users with the ability to create individual, peer, supervisor, and direct report assessments centered around a self-assessment.

The comprehensive reports offer summarized and individual results that unlock valuable insights, empowering staff and leaders to strengthen crucial relational and leadership behaviors.

These results fuel continuous growth and advancement designed to nurture and elevate the mastery of the four pivotal relational practices imparted in the highly regarded See Me as a Person workshop or the leadership practices taught in the Leading an Empowered Organization workshop.

“Our goal at Creative Health Care Insight is to empower organizations with the tools they need to excel in an ever-evolving industry,” said Aaron Garner. “By harnessing the benefits of information technology, we are proud to introduce a platform that helps clinicians further develop their leadership and relational skills.”

Professional Portfolio Suite

Designed to streamline your data analysis with DDCT reporting Tool Automation to meet the data needs of organizations seeking Magnet® or Pathway to Excellence® designation or redesignation and hospital human resources departments, the Professional Portfolio Suite yields substantial financial advantages by providing a solution that saves significant time and is highly useful to multiple departments within an organization.

Demographic Data Collection Component

Say Goodbye to manual data documentation efforts and improve efficiency! Who wants to spend countless hours tediously tracking certifications and credentials for your Magnet® or Pathway to Excellence® application?

This platform does all the heavy lifting for you. With our incredibly adaptable Demographic Data Collection Component individual education and certification data can be effortlessly exported to fulfill the ANCC requirements for the both the Demographic Data Collection Tool® (DDCT®) and the Organization Demographic Form® (ODF®).

Professional Advancement Component

This fully customizable advancement, and achievement tool can target programs that are points-based, requirement-based or both. Reviewers can quickly and easily verify any required documentation, and it all ties in with the DDCT® and ODF® reporting to keep users from rework and being required to upload previously collected data.

Creative Health Care Insight is all about simplicity and convenience, empowering you to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional care and becoming an exceptional healthcare organization.

4 Key Advantages

1. Creative Health Care Insight helps organizations improve staff retention rates.

The first key advantage of the platform is the intangible benefits it can help provide organizations. When organizations use Creative Health Care Insight they can strengthen team collaboration and their shared governance structures and processes. Stronger shared governance leads to more autonomy for staff and higher retention rates, so the financial benefits of Creative Health Care Insight are far more substantial than just the time saved using the platform.

The platform also allows organizations to embed strategic priorities into the annual competency process, leverage their existing shared governance structure, and empower their team to focus on the competencies necessary for their roles while remaining in alignment with the organization’s strategic goals and outcomes.

2. Creative Health Care Insight collects individual education and certification data that can be effortlessly exported to fulfill ANCC requirements.

The second key advantage – our fully customizable Demographic Data Collection Component collects individual education and certification data that can be effortlessly exported to fulfill the ANCC requirements for the Demographic Data Collection Tool® (DDCT®) and the Organization Demographic Form (ODF®).

3. Creative Health Care Insight offers ultra-secure access from any web-enabled device.

The third key advantage the Creative Health Care Insight platform offers is ultra-secure access from any web-enabled device, providing health care professionals with the flexibility they need to access critical information. This accessibility ensures that organizations can make informed decisions without being tied to a physical location.

As Creative Health Care Insight continues to lead the charge in revolutionizing health care with its groundbreaking platform, organizations can expect increased efficiency, improved savings, and enhanced productivity. By embracing cloud technology and providing user-friendly access from any web-enabled device, the Creative Health Care Insight platform is set to transform the health care landscape.

“The Creative Health Care Insight Platform represents a significant leap forward for the health care industry,” said Thomas Ross, Chief Technology Officer at Creative Health Care Insight. “We are incredibly proud to offer a solution that empowers organizations to streamline their operations, save time, and make informed decisions.”

4. Health Care Technology Built By Healthcare for Healthcare

The Creative Health Care Insight Platform software platform was crafted by professionals within the healthcare industry, ensuring that its development and implementation were guided by the expertise and insights of Hospital Leaders. These leaders played a pivotal role as advisors, ensuring that the software’s design and functionalities are directly aligned with the unique needs and challenges of the healthcare sector. Unlike approaches that repurpose solutions from unrelated fields, this platform stands out by being deeply rooted in the specific demands and aspirations of healthcare practitioners and administrators.

By prioritizing direct input and feedback from healthcare leaders, the platform was created to address the exact requirements and preferences of those at the forefront of the industry. This collaborative approach has resulted in a software solution that not only meets the operational needs of healthcare facilities but also enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery. The developers have focused on listening and responding to the guidance of these leaders, delivering a product that is both innovative and perfectly tailored to the complex landscape of healthcare.

Tailored Healthcare Technology

Tailored specifically for the health care sector, Creative Health Care Insight has developed a platform that addresses the unique challenges faced by health care professionals in their day-to-day operations. Offering a comprehensive range of features, Creative Health Care Insight allows seamless communication and collaboration, accessible data management, simplified administrative tasks, streamlined training and development of medical technology, as well as advanced analytics for data-driven decision making.

“We understand that time is a precious commodity in the health care industry, and this platform aims to save organizations time that can be better spent on patient care,” said Gen Guanci, CEO of Creative Health Care Management. “With Creative Health Care Insight, health care professionals free up valuable time to focus on what matters most – delivering high-quality care.”

Optimizing Workflow

Whether it’s optimizing workflow, reducing costs, or embracing a future-ready platform, Creative Health Care Insight is the game-changing solution for providers. This innovative platform is set to reshape the way health care operates, ensuring scalability, efficiency, and above all, better patient outcomes and provider outcomes.

What Sets Creative Health Care Insight Apart for Healthcare Providers

What sets us apart from other platforms in the market is our commitment to providing a full solution. No more patching together platforms to achieve your needs. Creative Health Care Insight is a full-service solution for your data collection and competency needs. Creative Health Care Insight also offers top-of-the-line security measures that exceed industry standards, providing organizations with peace of mind.

Platform Features include:

  • Collection and tracking of information for the ANCC Demographic Data Collection Tool® and Organization Demographic Form®.
  • Co-designed with Donna Wright to seamlessly prioritize and manage competency needs based on the Wright Model for Competency Assessment
  • Tracks and analyzes data related education requirements via hospital workforce management with career ladder reporting tools
  • Significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of ongoing competency management processes.
  • Embeds organizational strategic priorities into the annual competency process.
  • Exceeds regulatory bodies’ competency requirements with customizable reports that track and document critical thinking and decision-making around competency considerations.
  • Builds relational competence for all levels of the organization.
  • Highlights strengths, identifies gaps, and tracks changes for more effective leadership development.
  • User-friendly, ultra secure, and accessible from any web-enabled device.

Healthcare Professionals Love this New Technology

With the Creative Health Care Insight platform health care professionals can say goodbye to outdated systems and time-consuming manual processes. The platform’s compatibility with existing and future Learning Management Systems not only promotes seamless integration with new technologies but also reduces costs and improve performance.

To learn more about this game-changing solution or to schedule a personalized demo, visit the Creative Health Care Insight website at

About Creative Health Care Insight – “CHCI”

Creative Health Care Insight is a partnership between Creative Health Care Management and Kernel Equity. Creative Health Care Management brings their deep knowledge of the healthcare industry and Kernel Equity brings their technical expertise and extensive experience in building health care technology platforms.

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