With a clear objective of connecting traders with Forex Brokers, ReviewFX have now released their new global website which has over 200 reviews of industry leading brokers and access to a range of languages, such as English, French, German, Arabic, Italian, and Spanish, so that traders can be assisted in making decisions in a fair and transparent way.

Their informative reviews can give you unbiased opinions based on trader ratings and feature some of the best forex and CFD (Contract For Differences) brokers from around the world, while also offering integral insight, tips, and key information, to help you learn about the world of online trading.

Knowledge is Power

Starting out as a simple idea to fill a gap in the market, ReviewFX has now transitioned from a local site to a global resource that is designed to help supply traders from around the world with honest, essential information, so that they can make informed decisions and be confident with which broker to choose.

Their in-depth reviews that are based on market standards, allow traders to rate, and share their experiences to assist other users in comparing the best forex and CFD brokers the industry has to offer.

Forex Trading (Foreign Exchange Trading) is the trading of currencies from different countries against each other, and while this can be a very lucrative market, for first time traders it is crucial that you take the time to learn the specific ins and outs of the industry.

ReviewFX can be utilised as a great educational platform for beginners to learn the important information regarding forex trading and with their online trading course complete with a professional trader, private forum, risk management tools, and market daily outlook – you have all the tools needed to become an expert.

They have outlined the essential five steps that are heavily based on practising patience and virtue to find success in Forex Trading for Beginners, these are:

  • Research – This is where you can decide if trading is the right fit for you through conducting an adequate amount of research through books and online recourses, so that you can continue to pursue and explore it, or alternatively leave it before depositing any of your money.
  • Beginner Guide – ReviewFX have a detailed beginners guide to forex training that has been specifically created to answer your most important questions.
  • Broker Reviews – Their collection of honest broker reviews with insight from other users are designed to help you choose who to sign up and deposit with.
  • Trading Strategies – Develop, learn, and test a trading strategy.
  • Risk Management – The key to money management is to conduct the process with discipline.

These initial first steps are crucial as many first time forex traders find the process difficult due to unrealistic misconceptions that are commonly found among newcomers in the market.

Along with their unbiased reviews and important five steps, ReviewFX also have a series of helpful blog posts that help you understand the most important terms used in forex trading, the basic principles, such as which platform to use, how to execute a trade, as well as the most useful advice for beginners who are eager to earn.

Additionally, they can assist in advising you on the best MT4 brokers, the best CFD brokers, the best trading app to use, the best demo account brokers, and the best deposit bonus brokers.

More information

To find out more about ReviewFX and to read some of their helpful broker reviews or some of their informative blog articles on forex trading, please visit their website at https://reviewfx.com/.

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ReviewFX.com started out as a simple idea to fill a gap in the market. It transitioned from a local site to a site that helps traders around the world make informative decisions on which broker to choose.

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