In recent weeks, a marine reef aquarium blog known by the name of Reef River has opened up to the public promising to deliver in-depth equipment reviews, tips for complete beginners and interactive quizzes to entertain audiences.

Reef River began after seeing a lack of reliable information available online to help guide newbies into the hobby. They also plan to shatter the belief that to get involved in the reefing hobby, people need to spend a lot of money and time which is true to an extent, but Reef River aims to provide guides tailored specifically to budget reef tank building. 

With the pandemic still rife worldwide, there are still people who are bored at home, with very little to do. This fact alone is what has spurred an influx in new hobbyists within the community. Speaking to us is Michael Parr, owner and blogger of Reef River who had this to say about the rise in hobbyists: “I think it comes purely from boredom and not having anything to keep people occupied. The reefing hobby can be alluring to a lot of people due to the vibrant colours and beautiful looking aquariums, but, what a lot don’t realise is that it can be hard work if you aren’t well-researched”. 

Michael noted that because new hobbyists aren’t armed with enough information prior to their reef tank build, they more often than not fail, leading people to quit the hobby entirely. But Michael also mentioned that people should persevere and do their homework to ensure a successful tank. 

Marine tanks are a beautiful addition to any home, that can quite easily be the talking point of any room they’re in. They’re perfect for any occasion and can bring a sense of calm and tranquility into the room. 

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