Leicester, England – Ponds by Michael Wheat, are the leading UK company comprising swimming pond, pool design, and build specialists’ creating ponds that are visually stunning, architectural, and full of colour, They are proud to announce recognition from BBC Gardeners World Live that provides its award-winning design team and its Michael Wheat System further credibility and prestige. 

Prioritising eco-friendly, easy-to-maintain designs that utilise space-saving filtration to transform gardens into a freshwater paradise in just 3-6 months. Ponds by Michael Wheat offers residents and commercial spaces across the UK bespoke natural water swimming pools, wildlife ponds and koi ponds that are meticulously planned by its expert team down to the last pebble. 

With its innovative Michael Wheat System for Swimming Ponds, they focus on tackling the root cause of water quality issues rather than just addressing the symptoms, the recognition from BBC Gardeners’ World Live acknowledges the highest standard in construction and its system for its long-term effectiveness, reduced need for maintenance, and environmentally conscious design, therefore cementing Ponds by Michael Wheat as setting the leading standard in the industry.

“We ensure your project is completed efficiently to the highest standard. Installing the best filtration not only to keep the freshwater crystal clear and safe to swim in but also easy to maintain,” said a spokesperson for Ponds by Michael Wheat. “However, rest assured for those with busy lifestyles we offer maintenance packages. Plus, the labour on our projects is guaranteed, and all equipment, such as liner and filtration, have their manufacturer’s guarantee. We have unrivalled after-care, servicing clients for over 13 years, and we are committed to continue for many years to come.”

The Michael Wheat System includes managing water movement, phosphate levels, waste through filtration, UV treatment for harmful bacteria, water chemistry adjustments, and a comprehensive aftercare plan. This approach has been developed through extensive research and trial, aiming to create long-lasting, low-maintenance ponds.

Similarly, for lakes and fishing lakes, the Michael Wheat System takes a holistic approach to address the cause of problems rather than the problems themselves. The system includes unique elements like phosphate management, a special oxygen system for waste management, UV bacteria management, and adjustments in water chemistry. This method aims to create vibrant, healthy ponds with reduced maintenance needs for the end-user and is designed to last over 50 years.

The system for Wildlife Ponds also follows the principle of addressing the cause, not just the symptoms. It includes water movement management, phosphate management, filtration, UV treatment, and water chemistry adjustments, among other elements. This approach ensures the creation of a healthy environment for wildlife, with clear water and efficient nutrient and waste management.

“Our company’s understanding of water chemistry is industry-leading,” continued the spokesperson for Ponds by Michael Wheat. “This allows us to use our ‘Michael Wheat System’ to create healthy, vibrant ponds, which means less maintenance for the end user and more time enjoying it.”

For those who want to discover their dream pond to enjoy with family and friends for many years to come, Ponds by Michael Wheat invites them to visit its website, where they can fill in the convenient contact form or book a call with their expert in Pond Design.

About Ponds by Michael Wheat

Established in 2010, Ponds by Michael Wheat is the leading pond designer and installer in the UK, specialising in award-winning freshwater, easy-maintenance swimming ponds, koi ponds and wildlife ponds. With unrivalled after-care for every client, an expert, experienced team and with every pond guaranteed a high standard of material finish, Ponds by Michael Wheat can transform a garden into a freshwater paradise. 

More Information

To learn more about Ponds by Michael Wheat and its bespoke natural water swimming ponds, wildlife ponds and koi ponds, please visit https://www.pondandgardendesign.co.uk/.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/redefining-luxury-and-harmonizing-with-nature-ponds-by-michael-wheat-receives-recognition-from-bbc-gardeners-world-live/

About Ponds by Michael Wheat

A pond is an investment that lasts a lifetime – so we want to be sure that your dream pond and the pond we build are one and the same.

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