Sheffield, UK – The Reclaimed Brick Company is a family-run reclamation yard in the heart of Sheffield that supplies a broad range of new and used building materials and is best known for its huge stock of premium Reclaimed Bricks.

The team consists of industry experts and treasure hunters who scour the UK to find, salvage and repurpose distinctive building materials, including reclaimed bricks, stone, timber, roof tiles, Welsh slate, and granite cobbles from a variety of locations from demolition projects of derelict farmhouses to large commercial developments.

The Reclaimed Brick Company is now offering its customers a piece of historical Sheffield, as shown in an article written by The Star on The Plough Pub last year at

The article states, “The Plough Inn, on Sandygate Road, opposite Hallam FC – the oldest football ground in the world – is believed to be where the modern rules of football were first drawn up, albeit in an earlier building. But plans to raze the premises and replace it with eight new three-bedroom townhouses were approved last year when a planning inspector overturned Sheffield Council’s decision to refuse permission.”

After completing a systematic salvage and cleaning process, the team have now made these historical bricks available to their customers, who can use them to create a unique aged look, match existing surroundings and limit their project’s environmental footprint.

While reclamation is at the centre of the Reclaimed Brick Company’s business, as well as providing high-quality reclaimed brick, it also has the in-house equipment and knowledge to offer safe and effective demolition services, brick matching and nationwide delivery.

Why Reclaimed Materials

Using reclaimed materials is like owning a piece of history. Or, as the Reclaimed Brick Company like to say, “Preserving British Heritage to Build the Future.”

When it comes to character, charm, and beauty, nothing compares to Victorian, Georgian, or Tudor-era brick crafted by hand many years ago.

When you begin your search for reclaimed bricks near me, then rest assured that despite which old brick style you choose, these bricks are much stronger than new modern bricks as they are made from 100% natural clay, whereas new bricks contain cement, ash, sand, and other additives to reduce their cost at the expense of their quality.

Old bricks also have no perforations or core holes running through the bed of the bricks, unlike new bricks. For comparison, the average weight of an old brick is 4kg, and the average weight of a new brick is 1kg.

Used materials have already endured the test of time and have natural weathered appearances. Unlike new, modern bricks, old ones have proved that they can withstand weather and pressure. The team at Reclaimed Brick Company are also expert reclaimed brick pavers and use the old brick’s weathered style to perfectly match an original building’s architecture.

Bricks in the UK are manufactured to the metric size system, which reduced the original pre-war ‘Imperial’ sized brick by 15%. If you are attempting to match a building built pre-war, you’ll require an ‘Imperial’ Sized brick which you will struggle to find from a traditional builder’s merchant. This niche of ‘Imperial’ sized bricks is what the Reclaimed Brick Company specialise in.

All the reclaimed products on the Reclaimed Brick Company’s website are available and ready for immediate delivery or collection – there are no long lead-times whilst you wait for the bricks to be manufactured or imported; you also have the added extra of choosing to physically see the bricks before purchase.

More information

To find out more about Reclaimed Brick Company and to see its full selection of reclaimed bricks, timber, and salvage, please visit the website at


About Reclaimed Brick Company

Welcome to Reclaimed Brick Company—a family-run reclamation yard in the heart of Sheffield that supplies a board range of new and used building materials, and best known for its huge stock of premium reclaimed bricks.

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