Anaheim, California – Better Days Treatment Center is here to help you at every stage of your recovery. Whether that’s assisting you with your initial detox from substance and alcohol abuse or providing you with essential aftercare once your treatment is completed to maintain your long-term sobriety goals, their professional team of addiction specialists will make personalized recommendations and support you through your entire experience.

There are several treatment options available at Better Days Treatment Center and their friendly team are more than happy to offer their advice and walk you through the individual options, such as inpatient rehab, outpatient support, medical detox, medication-assisted treatment, dual diagnosis treatment and partial hospitalization programs.

So, take the first step on your road to recovery and contact Better Days Treatment Center today to start your journey to a healthier, substance free life.

Targeted Care to Meet Your Needs

At their Rehab Center there are a wide variety of treatments to choose from as Better Days Treatment Center understands that substance abuse recovery programs should never be a one-size-fits-all solution.

This is also why their team of specialists customize each approach to perfectly fit your specific needs and choose treatment that will best assist you in achieving your personal recovery goals.


Better Days Treatment Center uses a treatment methodology called Reality-Based Recovery that uses the lived experiences of those who have struggled with substance abuse to heal them.

An example of this is when a patient struggles to maintain their sobriety in certain situations, therefore that situation will be explored and analysed to discover why and crucially the important techniques or coping mechanisms that they can use if it happens again.

This treatment method also allows their residents to live in co-ed facilities and still have access to their electronic devices and finances, as Better Days Treatment Center believes that learning to control your temptations in a supervised setting gives you better preparation for similar challenges when you re-enter the real world.


In each treatment plan offered at Better Days Treatment Center therapy forms the foundation.

This is because being able to understand the root causes of your addiction is an essential part of helping you overcome your drug or alcohol abuse.

Their expert therapists will help you identify your triggers and show you how to overcome or manage them in healthier and more constructive ways, so that you can confidently begin your long-term healing process.

Group Activities

Better Days Treatment Center believes in the importance of creating a positive and joyful sober living experience for their patients as it improves their chances of actively wanting to maintain their sobriety in the real world.

Their beautiful location in sunny Southern California means that there are plenty of fun group activities that you can take part in, from hikes, park visits and time on the beach, so that you not only get to retain your connection to the outside world but also have the chance to bond with the other residents participating in your treatment plan.

These new relationships will then give you the chance to learn from their past experiences, while also mutually benefiting from support during your recovery process.

More information

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