First time home buyers are often unsure about the entire process and make common mistakes along the way. In real estate, these problems can often be costly for the buyer.

Matt and Shalin Caren are well known Real Estate Agents in Goodyear, Arizona. They help buyers and sellers around Goodyear, AZ, find or sell their dream home.

They believe in helping their customers and potential customers find the dream home, but The Caren Team is also quick to keep their customers grounded in reality. This means being pre-qualified for a home loan when planning to buy real estate in Goodyear, AZ.

“Pre-qualification gives the potential home buyer an estimate of what they can realistically spend on a home. It is a good idea. This way the buyer is not disappointed when a home they love is priced out of their range. We have seen people completely give up on the process after trying to secure financing after finding a home, only to find out they cannot afford that home,” said Matt Caren, one of the top Realtors in Goodyear, Arizona.

Caren also as other suggestions for those looking to buy – to have some cash on hand in case. “If your offer is accepted, a cash down payment helps lock in the contract with the seller. This way, the buyer’s interests are protected until closing. The amount put down to hold the home is taken off the closing costs,” said Caren.

In Arizona, termites are a fact and nuisance. Termite inspections are required before buying or selling a home. A home inspection is also recommended. Both of these services can come from the cash deposit.

Lastly, the buyer will pay closing costs on the home. These fees are for the legal documents for the mortgage and fees for the services of the attorney. Most, if not all, of these fees can be avoided with a ‘seller’s concession.’ The Carens Goodyear AZ Realtors, can provide additional information about what this means.

“The home buying and selling process is more than making an offer. Shalin and I are more than happy to help anyone looking into buying or selling Real Estate in Goodyear,” said Matt Caren.

The Caren is one of the leading teams of real estate agents in Goodyear Arizona, believing that home sales process can and should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all parties involved. Ensuring that clients have a positive experience from start to finish, and even after closing, is always at the forefront of The Caren Team’s focus each step along the way. To reach them whether buying or selling your home visit or call (602) 777-6683. Learn more about available homes at