Radiators are an underestimated yet essential part of British homes. What with colder months fast approaching (and, let’s face it, the UK weather being so fickle all year round), it’s vital that our homes are kept at comfortable temperatures.

Radiator Outlet is a leading online radiator specialist, supplying stylish radiators to suit every home or office. The team there ensure all their products are high-quality, affordable, and meet all UK safety standards, and all items come with free delivery and a 10-year warranty. Here they explore the top three things to consider when buying a radiator:

  • Designer or traditional?

You may think that radiators are simply a way to warm up your home, and in the past that was true. However, now there is an element of style to them too as well as function!

Traditional radiators are a great choice if you have a property with a rustic or vintage feel, and they are still the most popular style for most homes in the UK. Radiator Outlet offers a wide range of traditional radiators, so you are sure to find the perfect one for your home there.

Designer radiators are a popular modern alternative to traditional radiators, and suit contemporary homes very well with clean lines and slim designs. What’s more, they are more efficient than standard radiators, so be sure to check out Radiator Outlet’s designer selection to potentially save yourself some pennies!

  • Location, location, location

One room that can get overlooked when considering radiators is the bathroom, but radiators are an important part of any bathroom. Whether you’re searching for a luxurious long bathroom radiator to add heaps of cosiness or a sleek towel radiator to spare guests the despair soggy hand towels bring, Radiator Outlet has stylish solutions to suit bathrooms of all sizes.

To ensure that heat is effectively circulated around a room on convection currents, radiators are usually best placed beneath windows, either side of a window, or along the coldest part of your wall. To get location advice or browse the Radiator Outlet’s fantastic array of stylish radiators, visit their website today!

  • Horizontal or vertical?

Horizontal radiators have long been the most popular type of radiator used in the UK. However, although effective, the majority of these radiators can be an unsightly feature in our homes. The team at Radiator Outlet have remedied this issue by offering stylish yet efficient and effective horizontal radiators at affordable rates.

Vertical radiators (aka tall radiators) have seen a dramatic rise in popularity in recent years, as they are seen as a modern heating solution that really shines come the cold winter months. These sleek radiators look perfect in contemporary homes, and are a great way of turning heads when guests visit because they add that ‘wow’ factor. Vertical radiators are also the best option to go for if you have limited living space in your property, as they can effortlessly heat rooms while taking up a tiny amount of wall space!

Radiator Outlet stock a wide range of modern vertical radiators at great prices, so you can effortlessly update your tired old heating systems with sleek designs. They also stock vertical radiators in more traditional styles if you need a vintage look with a modern twist. For smaller spaces, this range is perfect as the radiators come no wider than 600mm across you don’t lose much wall space. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about feeling the cold come winter because the radiators from Radiator Outlet all offer excellent heat output to keep your home nice and warm no matter the weather!

So, if you’re searching for radiators UK, look no further than Radiator Outlet!


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Radiator Outlet was established in 2015 and has grown exponentially since then. The company now has offices in both York and Lancashire that offer a wide variety of designer radiators to rival any UK radiator specialists’ range.

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Radiator Outlet was established in 2015, whilst a relatively new company we have grown considerably in the last few years and have a wide variety of designer radiators which will rival any UK radiator specialists’ range.

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