Affiliate marketing isn’t new. In fact, it was Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon that popularized the idea way back in 1996. He attracted affiliates (businesses, sellers, buyers, organizations) to post links on their websites promoting Amazon books. In return for the referral (a click that resulted in a book sale), Amazon would give the affiliate a small percentage of the profit as a commission.

Now take this idea and apply it to your own business. Affiliate marketing offers a world of growth opportunity should you be able to connect and partner with those who are most likely to attract and send the right buyers or investors through to your website. An exciting prospect, many businesses spend weeks, months, even years trying to pinpoint affiliates that can provide them with profitable returns.

Yet, 92% of affiliate websites are inactive, perform on a sub-par level, or are fraudulent. Many businesses try and fail with this strategy, so how can it be so profitable and how can you succeed with it?

Purply is the leading automated affiliate program management tool. With over 135k vetted affiliate partners and over $1.12 billion in incremental revenue generated through affiliate channels, they take the guesswork out of affiliate marketing within any industry, and backed by decades of incredible data, provide you with connections and strategies for success.

Here’s how Purply have helped business from many different verticals and industries grow exponentially through affiliate marketing:

  1. The power of affiliate data and insight, given to you at the click of a button

Simply put, Purply is the king of data when it comes to affiliate marketing. With over 135k affiliates on board and over 14,415,517 successful sales conversions in their system, linking back to a specific campaign and traffic source, they can match your program with potential affiliates and recommend winning strategies with unfathomable precession.

  1. A tool that analyzes over 10,000,000 data points similar to your business, to match you with the right affiliate and propose an actionable strategy

Purply doesn’t just match you to top performing affiliates in your industry (although this is invaluable in itself). Instead, at rapid pace, it analyzes your proposition, matches it to affiliates, and reviews its vast data library to understand what types of campaigns, offers, channels, trends and budgets will help you to see profit from your venture.

  1. Actions speak louder than words – Purply actively display how businesses are reaping the rewards of using their tool

Purply doesn’t need to hide its numbers. Such is the success of its platform; they’ve helped businesses in vastly different verticals and industries grow through affiliate marketing. Just some of the examples available to view on their website are:

  • A food and beverage brand recruited 77 affiliates, working with some of the largest shopping affiliate sites online, bringing in over $17k of revenue in just two months.
  • A home and living brand recruited 83 affiliates in two months, bringing in a revenue of over $59k and a whopping 104k clicks
  • A gifts and flowers brand recruited 66 affiliates and in their first quarter since joining, generating over $18k in revenue
  • An apparel and fashion brand saw an increase of 54% in revenue after just one month of using Purply, and 86% by month two

You can get started with affiliate marketing with a free trial – that’s how confident Purply are with their automated tool

Have you considered affiliate marketing but having spent weeks or months researching and trying to make connections, given up? The power of Purply is such that with a free trial, you can gain access to what the system can do to help you grow your business. Give it a try today and make affiliate marketing core to your strategy.


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Purply is an automated affiliate program management tool that allows you to view customized affiliate recruitment and optimization strategies for your program in just seconds. Its value comes from its daily suggestions on affiliate partners, commission rates, proven campaign ideas, trend expectations and much more. Let $1 billion in affiliate sales data direct your next marketing move and learn more by visiting their website:


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