Perfumes and deodorants have been popular for many, many years. In fact, the ancient Egyptians were responsible for the origin of perfume, integrating scent into their lives and culture in everything from ceremonies and burial preparations to daily wear. Rich Egyptians would adorn themselves with certain scents in order to denote their status, too.

Perfume has, of course, evolved over the years and today, we might consider it to be a key player in the fight against body odour, but it’s so much more than that besides.

Pulse of Perfumery (POP) is a leading bespoke perfume company based in the UK that offers everything from private consultations and shopping experiences to full-blown perfume parties. Fragrances are highly subjective, of course, so the staff at Pulse of Perfumery, niche fragrances work hard to create a welcoming, non-intimidating space in which customers can explore their scent preferences, get honest, expert advice if needed, and leave with the perfect individualised scent.

On the POP website, co-director Peter Murray states: “We’re not like other perfumeries. We’re curators of scent. It’s our job to be selective, using our expertise and intuition to find a scent that suits you.”

The magic of perfume

As well as obviously masking body odour and making you smell nice, perfumes have a wide range of magical benefits that we don’t really consider on a day-to-day basis. For instance, they can be a useful trigger for memories – one spray of a certain scent could be all you need to conjure a memory of a special time, place or person almost effortlessly. Perfumes can also help to boost your confidence and even make you more attractive to other people.

Furthermore, because there are so many different scent combinations, perfumes are often used to convey a bit of the wearer’s personality and influence their mood. For instance, if someone is extroverted and in a great mood, they may choose to wear a bold, fruity scent to match their mood and personality, whereas if someone is more introverted and in an anxious mood, they may opt for a more subtle flowery scent that reminds them of the calm beauty of nature.

To access the very best quality perfumes and benefit from expert personalised advice, please get in touch with the Pulse of Perfumery team today!

Find your scent

Co-founders Peter Murray and Melanie Seddon have a combined experience of over 60 years in the industry, so they are more than capable of matching customers to their perfect personalised perfumes.

Pulse of Perfumery offers special consultation sessions that will truly challenge your preconceptions about perfume. Because there are no visual cues for you to rely on, you will cut through the distractions offered by fancy bottles and persuasive marketing and instead really tune into what your nose is telling you about the fragrances, gently guided by the experts at POP.

POP also offers private shopping experiences at their Knutsford store, allowing you to browse to your heart’s content without interruptions or distractions. This way, you can benefit from having access to all of the fragrances and all of the staff’s expertise to yourself.

POP’s exclusive perfume parties are the perfect event for birthdays, pre-wedding parties or other celebration evenings. These events allow you to have fun exploring and testing some of POP’s finest perfume offerings while you relax and sip a glass of bubbly to celebrate. These parties are there to help you benefit from the POP team’s expertise, discover new favourite brands like Initio Parfums or Aqua De Parma Perfume, and even learn more about yourself in the process.

For a quick and convenient way to explore amazing scents to suit you, you can use the innovative online scent finder tool on the POP website!


About Pulse of Perfumery:

Pulse of Perfumery is a popular fragrance house offering bespoke high-end fragrances. They also offer a great selection of gift ideas for Christmas such as niche perfumes, scented candles, room diffusers, travel sets, scented skincare products and more.

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About Pulse Of Perfumery

We exist because many perfumeries can be a bit impersonal. That’s why POP is a welcoming, non-intimidating space that’s all about you. We’re not here to judge, nor persuade, we’re here to let you experience the art of perfumery and…

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