Protek Paint Ltd has just announced the launch of its new North American website. Protek Paint

started to manufacture paints in 1950 and today has grown to manufacture a vast array of paint and textured wall covering products. Protek Paint manufactures private label paints and plaster products for commercial clients and buying groups both in Canada and the USA. The company utilizes proven formulas developed in our laboratory and conducts custom manufacturing to suit specific client requirements in their ISO 9001:2015 certified plant.

Protek Paint manufactures a wide variety of Architectural Acrylic Paints; 100% Acrylic, Vinyl Acrylic Blends, Acrylic Urethanes along with high-quality hybrid water-based paints that have low VOC’s. Protek Paint offers a full range of decorative Metallic paints, Furniture and Cabinet paints and other specialized products such as Studio Flat, used extensively on movie sets, and liquid rubber in spray or dip formats.

Protek Paint also manufactures professional solvent-based products including Quick Dry Enamels, Rust Inhibiting Paints, Anti-Graffiti Coatings and Fire Retardant paints. Furthermore, they manufacture Moisture Cured Urethanes, Two-Component Epoxy,Two-Component Urethanes, Polyaspartics, Elastermeric Paints, and Sealers primarily for professional use. They also distribute internationally known market leading Wood Coatings throughout North America.

When you add acrylic based plasters, waxes, glazes, and varnish; Protek manufactures a full spectrum of paint and wall texture products.  They also distribute the finest Venetian and Decorative Lime Plasters throughout North America from distribution hubs in Minneapolis Minnesota, Niagara Falls New York and Toronto, Canada.  Protek offers a variety of trowels and other professional sundry items mainly aimed at professional applicators, including CO.ME Tools form Italy and Deltec Tape from the Netherlands.

The brand-new Protek website is visually appealing and easy to use and navigate for any

user. General information on these products and applications can be found on the dropdown menu under the appropriate headings. Detailed product information can be found under the mega menu ‘Products’. The new logo is brilliant for the industry, as it shows red paint dripping down on the letter ‘O’ in Protek.

The manufacturing services outlined at the website include:

  • Custom manufacturing
  • Toll manufacturing
  • Blending

With Protek Paint, you can rely on their 70 years of manufacturing experience to produce

some of the most unique paint and wall texture products available on the marketplace

today. Keep in mind that manufacturing is done at their ISO certified plant.

Protek Paint has the resources to overcome any problem that arises. In addition to manufacturing, the fully staffed laboratory at Protek Paint can confirm your formulation and offer reliable recommendations or provide insightful ideas based, all based on experience.

If you decide to partner and work with Protek, they will provide you with access to their Architectural and Industrial paint research and help create a solution that works for your specific application. Protek can structure an agreement that works for everyone, whether it is a Custom or Toll-Manufacturing arrangement.

Protek can blend, mix, grind, and filter raw materials required by the manufacturing process before dispensing, labeling, and packaging the final product. If you are interested in transportation and warehousing plus distribution services, these are also available. According to the company, maintaining stocks of raw materials in-house to meet formula requirements can be part of the custom manufacturing agreement.

You must check out the brand-new website for Protek Paint, and they have so much

information about paints, textures, colorant dispersions, as well as tools and professional sundries to browse through. You can find them online at and also on Instagram at protek_paint.


About Protek Paint

Protek Paint & Varnish Company started in 1950 and manufactured the Alkyd Resins used to make Paint and the Paint for the Home and Light Industrial applications.  As the 1960‘s progressed, a change began, as manufacturing focused exclusively on Paint.

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