ProtectAir, the bestselling fungal nail treatment in Europe, has been voted “best fungal nail treatment” by UK consumers.

London UK, May 19th 2020

ProtectAir, the new fungal nail treatment from the Netherlands, received the highest rating from UK consumers based on a survey of over 8.500 verified consumer reviews. ProtectAir fungal nail treatments are praised for their effectivenessease of use and competitive pricing.

Protectair fungal nail starterkit includes everything you need for effective fungal nail treatment:

  • 5 nail files
  • 5ml fungal nail solution
  • 100ml medical shoe spray

The treatment not only treats the infected nails, but also protects against reinfection in shoes. This ensures fast nail recovery and cost effective treatment from the comfort of your own home!

Your own shoes are the #1 source of infection!

What makes ProtectAir fungal nail treatment unique is the patented 10 Day Fresh shoe spray included in the kit. This medical shoe spray protects your skin and nails against fungus and bacteria that have infected your shoes. It creates an environment in which fungi and bacteria cannot survive, ensuring safe and hygenic shoes for up to 10 days with 1 treatment!

Why is this important?

Allowing healthy nails to grow by preventing reinfection is of utmost importance during fungal nail treatment. Your nail is made of ‘dead material’ called Keratine which cannot heal. An infected nail needs to grow out completely! Depending on the severity of your fungal nail infection, this can process can last from several weeks up to 12 months.

What causes fungal nail infection?

Fungal nail infection – also called onychomycosis – is a very common nail infection caused by fungi that naturally exist on your skin. The moment these fungi start to spread, grow and thrive, they can penetrate the nail and cause fungal nail infection. Fungal nail is very contagious and does not heal by itself. Once your nails are infected, the infection can easily spread and infect other nails or even family members.

Fungal nail infections are mostly found on toenails, but fingernails can get infected too. Be careful when you discover fungal nail, you minimize the infection risk by not touching it with your bare hands!

How can I recognise fungal nail infection?

To properly diagnose your infected nail. It is always advised to visit your GP to ensure you are suffering from fungal nail infection. The moment you discover a nail infection, don’t hesitate and start treatment immediately before the infection gets worse.

You can recognize a fungal nail infection by the following symptoms:

  1. Thickened
  2. Discoloration: white, yellow or brownish
  3. Loose nail: debris building up under the nail
  4. Brittle or crumbly
  5. Distorted in shape
  6. Bad, foul smell


The secret about fungal nail treatments

All fungal nail treatments available on the market today only treat the symptom and not the cause. How can your infected nails heal if you keep reinfecting yourself? The answer is simple: they can’t!

ProtectAir is the only fungal nail treatment on the market today that includes a patented medical shoe spray. This ensures safe and effective treatment that results in beautiful nails in no-time!

If you are suffering from fungal nail infection, try a protectair fungal nail treatment and start your treatment today!

About ProtectAir

Founded in 2017, ProtectAir has shocked the pharmaceutical industry by revealing the truth about over-the-counter fungal nail treatments. As an independent company, they have disrupted big pharmaceutical supply chains by servicing the end customer online and direct.

Now active in over 10 countries with 6 distribution centers, ProtectAir is able to offer free 24hr. expedited delivery to its customers across the continent.

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About ProtectAir

ProtectAir is on a mission to feet and shoes healthy, safe and fresh. Our unique products are the most effective on the market with ‘characteristics’ only seen in the medical industry.

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