Orlando, Florida – ProjectGO, an innovative online school that has evolved from a simple blog in 2013 to a leading educational platform offering GoPro Video Training for action camera video creators, is thrilled to announce the celebration of its recent website growth and impressive milestone achievements of collaborating with Insta360 and reaching the 1000 paid member milestone in its online school.

With the mission to empower video creators with the knowledge and resources needed to produce high-quality content, ProjectGO has become an all-inclusive platform that emphasizes teachable skills over expensive equipment. This unique approach by Andy Magri and his team, has led to an impressive expansion to over 35,000 subscribers to its weekly newsletter, a collaboration with Insta360, an action camera manufacturing company, and assisting over 2 million video creators worldwide to create memorable GoPro videos.

Additionally, ProjectGO’s online school, which provides expert-led training courses for action camera video creators and exclusive video editing assets to effortlessly enhance videos, has achieved 1000 paid members.

Taught by website creator and videographer Andy Magri, the Tutorials, books, kits, and filmmaking guides offer dozens of new filmmaking techniques, tips on creating the best videos with action cameras. ProjectGO’s recent milestone underscores the website’s commitment to and success in educating video creators.

“I’m Andy Magri, an Italian filmmaker and content creator. After graduating from University, I set off to explore the world while creating guides and reviews featuring the video gear I love and use the most. With the help of my awesome team, we share tips and reviews about GoPro, Insta360, DJI, smartphone cameras, drones, editing software and anything around action video-making. I hope my guides not only help you find the perfect camera equipment, but also inspire you to get out there and create!” said ProjectGO creator Andy Magri.

To celebrate these achievements and the all-new filming possibilities the winter season brings, ProjectGO is releasing a variety of engaging tutorials and courses that are invaluable for ski enthusiasts looking to capture their adventures with action cameras.

Andy and his team have also added more Camera Reviews to the category on its website to showcase the latest technological advancements in the industry, such as ‘The First AI Action Camera’, and discuss how it performs in different conditions, as well as if it is worth the increased price.

For collaborations and requests or to receive an answer to a question that has not been answered on the website’s extensive FAQ section, ProjectGO invites individuals to send its friendly team an email today.

About ProjectGO

Established in 2013, ProjectGO has grown into the leading online school for action camera video makers that has helped over 2 million video creators worldwide and has over 35,000 subscribers in its quickly growing online community. With years of expertise within the industry, ProjectGO offers a plethora of informative guides, reviews, and comprehensive videos to help equip video creators with invaluable resources to elevate their video content.

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To learn more about ProjectGO and the celebration of its recent website growth and impressive milestone achievements, please visit the website at https://projectgo.pro/.

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About ProjectGO

ProjectGO began as a simple blog in 2013, offering tips and tricks about GoPro cameras. Over the years, ProjectGO has grown into the leading online school for action camera video makers. Our community counts over 35,000 subscribers to our weekly…

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