Private Asteroid Mining Companies are the Future of Space Exploration. Experts believe that an Asteroid Mining Company will produce the first Trillionaire. At Asteroid Australia, they are serious about space, and they are the company behind ASTRCoin and Blockclaim. They have developed a system capable of claiming objects in Space. It has been named the Blockchain explorer.

To many, Asteroid mining seems quite complicated, however with advanced technology at hand, and with many companies like Asteroid LTD, the final step is achievable.

First, the immediate goals of Asteroid Australia include completing the successful launch of ASTRCoin on LAToken. Improving on the Development of the Asteroid BlockClaim™ Ecosystem, educating the public that Space Exploration including Asteroid Mining is at hand and also launching the Claim Platform. This will allow anyone to register BlockClaims™on Asteroids using the ASTRcoin®. Yet, the main goal of the company is to refocus the planet on this new Hope, just as JFK did with the Moon Shot

According to Asteroid Australia, “The Outer Space Treaty”, ratified in 1967 gave individuals the right to claim space not Governments or Countries.  All they have to do now is claim their rights.  Asteroid Australia has succeeded in doing this, making this through a proprietary BlockClaim™ on the immutable ledger of the blockchain.

Asteroid Australia also implements mobile apps, the expansion of The Asteroid Society to add the market place for members to register BlockClaims™ using The ASTRcoin®. They want to deploy the IOS and Android mobile app, so it allows continuous access to the registration of a mining claim for everyone.

Asteroid Australia believes that they have a mission to uphold. According to the ‘A-Team’, they have planned cleverly and set up a system, modelled after the system everyone is familiar with, called URL’s or ICANN, so, on the World Wide Web, they made their “claim” to billions and billions of domain names.

Now, Asteroid Australia says that over 600,000 identified and catalogued Asteroids could be codified in the immutable ledger of the blockchain where you could make a Blockclaim™. Asteroid Australia understands that the blockchain is a comprehensive repository, an immutable ledger whereby records may be stored and cannot be altered. Some have called Asteroid, Ltd.’s proprietary BlockClaim™ Ecosystem an ‘ingenious, sustainable and economically sound.’

They, who make the initial claims, will be like those who made claims to .coms in the advent of the internet and the World Wide Web. Asteroid Australia believes that once people from around the world understand that a new Global reset is here and open to everyone, millions upon millions of BlockClaims™ will be made.

Also, ASTRCoin is launching at LAToken, and they’re the #1 exchange in liquidity for new digital assets. The AstrCoin itself will be used as payment for the registration of BlockClaim.

The CEO of Asteroid Australia, Corneliu Bodner, comments on the current goal of Asteroid mining and Asteroid mining stock: “Their goal is to help refocus the planet on a New Hope. To unlock untold wealth and technology through space exploration, just as JFK did with the Moon Shot”. As their motto says – ‘One BlockClaim at a time’.

If you would like to get in contact with Asteroid Australia, Pty, Ltd today, you can email them at [email protected] for any queries about Asteroid mining or the Blockchain explorer. The team will be happy to help, and you can also go online to their website at and find out more information.


About Asteroid Australia, Pty. Ltd.

All of us know, as the Cryptocurrency Market expands, reality will settle in.  Speculation leads the way in most innovative adventures, this of course is very, very true in the “Crypto” space.  As such, when we value an opportunity, “hype” plays…

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